Art groups look at creating trust

19:11, Jan 20 2013

Project Art Southland - a new initiative project out of Venture Southland to explore the needs of arts groups in the south - will be holding a meeting today to discuss the possibility of forming a community arts trust.

The meeting follows the public discussion last month regarding the establishment of a trust to secure the region's creative arts' future.

Venture Southland's creative projects manager Angela Newell said talks were in beginning stages, with the model of a trust being suggested to allow Southland arts, collectively, to apply for funding.

Monday's meeting would be open to discussion on the possibility of other options of becoming a legal entity, she said. A trust entity would require long-term commitment.

"We know we have a flourishing arts scene here, but there is a great deal more that could be done to help practitioners and organisations capitalise on their current work, while at the same time address any gaps the industry may identify."

The goal of forming an entity was to get more people to experience the arts.

The Project Art Southland meeting will be held at Venture Southland today at noon.


The Southland Times