Shakespeare preparations all stitched up

23:57, Jan 31 2013
Melissa James
STAGE OUTFIT: Shakespeare in the Park costume manager Melissa James prepares a costume for the upcoming shows.

Costume preparations are under way for the anticipated annual performances of Shakespeare in the Park.

Shakespeare in the Park head of wardrobe Shirley Adam said a team of about six people started making the traditional costumes yesterday. The team would have to make about 40 costumes because most of the 21 cast members required two.

Producer Angela Newell said the Southland cast members, whose ages ranged from 15 to mid-60s, included experienced and emerging actors.

Two 45-minute plays, one tragedy and one comedy, would be performed in Queens Park from February 12 to 17. The troupe of actors would also mingle with the audience. Tickets are available at Invercargill i-Site and cost $20 an adult, $15 concession and $5 for children.


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