Mastin finds fame takes bizarre turns

21:30, Feb 06 2013
Reece Mastin
Australian X-Factor winner Reece Mastin hopes fans from Invercargill will make the trip to Dunedin for his concert.

Australian X-Factor winner and tween poster pinup Reece Mastin has had a year to acclimatise to female hysteria every time he steps out of his apartment - but there are moments when fame still gets a bit weird.

"There have been a few crazies," the 18-year-old says from his tour bus in Australia this week. "There was this 30-year-old who sent a letter and a photo of herself to my house and my mum opened it . . . it talked about ‘if you're looking for good time' and there was this photo . . ."


And besides, it's been well publicised the young singer-songwriter who cites Steven Tyler as his hero and has had Stevie Nicks as a mentor has already been snapped up by Home and Away star Rhiannon Fish who Mastin met on the set for his video Shout it Out.

Yes, 18 is a bit young to be moving in with a girl; no, actually his parents were fine with it; and yes, he is house-trained.

"I don't really wash pots, but I do the cooking . . . tacos, pasta carbonara. It works because Rhiannon is a bit OCD so she's always cleaning."


The other woman always at his side is his nan, who has been famously tattooed on his arm.

It's a little bit ironic since she is very Catholic and hates tattoos, he says, but she was the one who encouraged him to pursue music when everyone else was telling him to get a real job.

"She's really that person who stuck with me through this."

Mastin has mates he still keeps in touch with, but isn't keen on performing at his old high school in Adelaide.

"Everybody was a bit of a dick to me then, but it's funny because after the X-Factor everybody seemed to like me."

Looking ahead to where he wants to be in 10 years, Mastin says Tyler of Aerosmith is his role model. "He's still got it" though he won't forget the "stay true to yourself" advice he got from Nicks, "which is how it has to be because I know I wouldn't be happy with trying to be someone else".

While the crazies are always lurking, Mastin says he's already just accepted that part of fame.

"It's a shock . . . but I have great fans - it's good to have great fans."

He will perform this month in Dunedin, but not Invercargill - but he's hoping some of those fans will make the roadtrip up to his concert: "Tell everyone in Invercargill it will be worth it."

Mastin will be performing songs from his latest album, Beautiful Nightmare, including Shut Up and Kiss Me, Shout it Out, Rock$tar and his latest single, Timeless. Reece Mastin appears at the Regent Theatre in Dunedin on February 24 at 7pm. Tickets start at $67.50 and are available from TicketDirect.

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