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Pat Veltkamp-Smith.
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Pat Veltkamp-Smith.

OPINION: Of all the selling points made today the word organic seems to take the biscuit.

Now it is good to know that the food we are about to eat was grown without recourse to artificial fertilisers or pesticides, and we recognise that this may be a more costly way of producing things so happily pay the difference.

Well not always happily.

I recently bought organic lemons, which cut open to a mass of thick white pith and precious little juice, only marginally more sour than my mood at the disappointing discovery.

We have had organically grown apples too soft to the bite as we have unwittingly produced "organic" apples, home garden style, which proved as tempting as those in the Garden of Eden.

In buying or growing of food we win some, lose some as the word organic can  prove as hit and miss as fresh or firm or whatever other tag we used when buying fish or fruit, vegetables or meat.

But what made me think about the word organic was when selecting a stretch and grow baby gift, choosing between two which looked identical, pure white cotton et al.

One, it seems, was organic.

I paid the price difference largely to impress the new mother that I up with the issues of the day.

And it made me think back about how many things now carry the line "organic" almost as a price justification.

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When you think about it, should you buy cat food because the brand says "organic" and are organic cosmetics necessarily better  that any other  or is it just that we want to wave a flag to encourage everything to be produced more naturally without unnecessary testing on animals and people, without causing pain, without adding any stress, disruption  to an already complicated world .

I'm not sure that organic toothpaste is any better that any other, or even as good. but I follow the word "organic" as though it's some sort of blessing on what we're buying.

And it could be that I'm falling for a skilful sales pitch.

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