Stan is the mantis

22:35, Jul 25 2013
Stan Walker
Stan Walker

It's been a big year for Stan Walker.

This year alone, Walker has starred in a feature film, appeared in the nation's living rooms as judge and mentor on New Zealand's own version of The X Factor, and now is about to embark on his World Tour of New Zealand.

It's a pretty good effort for a 22-year-old.

The singer, who forged his path to fame on Australian Idol in 2009, will soon be heading south for his 23-show New tour, stopping at Queenstown and Invercargill in September.

Walker has performed in Invercargill only once before, and has high hopes for his second time in town, he says.

"It was good last time, but it's going to be great this time."


Squeezing in initial preparation for the mammoth tour in between The X Factor duties, Walker says his schedule was more than a little hectic, with the show's filming sometimes stretching late into the night and tour rehearsals during the day.

However, the lack of free time - for watching a DVD, relaxing with loved ones or even just getting a good night's sleep - is something he has come to expect while working in the music industry, he says.

"It's a lot of sacrifice. You're sacrificing your family and your friends. It's exciting but at the same time it's a lot of pressure."

Walker is quick to admit he does not live like a stereotypical rock star - he plans to get a lot of shut-eye and eat healthily to get through the month-long tour in one piece.

"That's what you've got to do. If I want to give my best and make sure that I'm being consistent then I've got to do that.

"I don't really party. I'm pretty boring. I'd rather watch DVDs at home [than party]."

His one vice, if it can really be called a vice, is his daily habit of consuming a pie while on tour, and Walker says he would eat five pies a day if he could.

The singer claims he has to make himself eat sensibly because "you don't get abs by eating Maccas".

Stan Walker will play his World Tour of New Zealand concert in Invercargill on Saturday, September 21 at the Civic Theatre and will perform in Queenstown at the Lakes Event Centre on Sunday, September 22.

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