Discarded glass forms artworks

23:09, Aug 19 2013
Wendy Baker
Fortrose resident Wendy Baker shows off the artwork she created from the bits of glass she found on the beach.

A Fortrose resident frustrated by shards of glass littering a Southland beach has used National Poetry Day to put a positive spin on the litter problem.

Wendy Baker, who has collected about 1000 pieces of glass from the Fortrose Beach, wrote a poem about the beauty of Southland and performed it during the Gore poetry day celebrations.

She also created a sculpture, which spells the word Southland, and jewellery from some of the less sharp glass shards she had collected.

Ms Baker said she wanted to use the poetry and the art to put a positive spin on the problem glass was causing on beaches in Southland.

She had raised the issue with Environment Southland and the Southland District Council, she said.


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