The Block's open home roadblock

21:13, Sep 04 2013
ALL SMILES: Block contestants Alice and Caleb Pearson share the fun but residents aren’t so happy.

Road closures and parking restrictions could see popular TV series The Block renamed The Roadblock during open home days, local board chairman Chris Darby says.

The Devonport Takapuna Local Board has been told Eversleigh Rd where the home renovation series is being filmed will be closed for two days in October to accommodate up to 10,000 people expected to attend the open homes.

The surrounding residential streets, Jutland Rd, Northboro Rd, Creamer Ave and Bardia St, will also have parking restrictions in place.

Mr Darby is shocked by the plan and won't be standing by idly doing nothing, he says.

"This event has the potential to sever Lake Rd over two days in October.

"The TV show might be called The Block but for two days it could be renamed Roadblock."

There will be no parking available in the area over the two days and Mr Darby says that's also a worry.

"It will be traffic mayhem."

Neighbours of The Block site have already had a string of problems during the filming including blocked driveways and parents being unable to pick up and drop off their kids for school for the nearby Takapuna Grammar.

"The crux of the problem is with the site selection by Eyeworks," Mr Darby says, who has fielded many of the residents' complaints.

"They either had no idea the constraints which came with the site or have assumed they can muscle their way through and around to achieve what they want."

He says he will be putting some serious questions to the council's events team.

A spokesman for Eyeworks says they take the concerns of residents very seriously.

"We are working with council and other stakeholders on a comprehensive plan to ensure this year's open homes take place with the minimum possible disruption and are again a positive experience for all involved."


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