This infomercial supercut will probably make you cry

21:19, Sep 05 2013
PLEASE: An infomercial supercut that could make you tear up.

Occasionally, someone will throw something together in the name of internet humour - a GIF set, a listicle, or in this case, a YouTube supercut - and accidentally end up with something that speaks to the viewer on a deeper level. 

To say that such a thing could ever be created from media that is widely considered to be the nadir of television broadcasting - the late-night infomercial - would seem incongruous to say the least, but whaddya know, someone's gone and done it. 

The unassumingly-titled "Infomercials fanvid" is even more compelling given than it was created by AbsoluteDestiny, who ordinarily deals in the sort of content that the term "fanvid" usually makes you think of: clips from popular TV shows and films set to vaguely appropriate popular songs. 

Where their infomercials supercut truly soars, however, is in its choice of music: The Smiths' Please, Please, Please, Let Me Get What I Want.

The mopey masterpiece meshes with the infomercial stars' perpetual inability to make food/eat from trays/wear clothes/properly stack crockery in cupboards to the point where it becomes, as one commenter noted, "a beautiful video about the human condition".

-The Vine