Five shows you better pray don't air in NZ

The scene from Dads that has the TV industry talking - for all the wrong reasons.
The scene from Dads that has the TV industry talking - for all the wrong reasons.

Twenty-five per cent of new shows are cancelled after just one season.

With more than 33 series premiering over the next few weeks in the US, inevitably, many are headed to the network chopping block.

Here are five we hope get the axe before someone inflicts them on audiences in New Zealand.

1. Dads

What it's about: Two pals who run the gaming industry (Seth Green and Giovanni Ribisi) deal with the headaches of living with their clueless fathers. It's another S*** My Dad Says.

Why you should avoid: Seth McFarlane's Dads, also scripted by the writers of Ted and Family Guy, is getting slammed by the media for racist overtones. There's a particularly offensive scene featuring Brenda Song (Sweet Life of Zach & Cody) dressed as a sexy schoolgirl and giggling like an Anime caricature to impress Asian businessmen.

Watch the trailer.

2. Super Fun Night

What it's about: Three best friends who spend every Friday night in their apartment for 13 years, opt to become cool party chicks when lawyer Kimmie (Rebel Wilson) gets a promotion.

Why you should avoid: The Conan O'Brien-produced comedy is "occasionally amusing but rarely outright funny". Its characters are too outlandish to believe or root for, and even Wilson - who's self-deprecating humour and Aussie accent were major scene-stealers in Bridesmaids and Pitch Perfect - can't save the evening.

3. The Millers

What it's about: When a local TV reporter (Will Arnett) reveals to his parents (Beau Bridges and Margo Martindale) that he's recently divorced, he lands in the middle of their marital squabble. Mum moves in to make life more difficult.

Why you should avoid: If the number of fart jokes is any indicator of The Millers' success, Arnett's in trouble. Despite its talented cast, this family comedy relies too heavily on cheap humour and a laugh track.

4. We Are Men

What it's about: After being left at the altar, a young man (Chris Smith) moves into a short-term apartment complex, where be befriends three single men (Kal Penn, Jerry O'Connell and Tony Shalhoub) with their fair share of failed relationships.

Why you should avoid it: It's the sad, middle-aged man's Sex & the City. Although Shalhoub's return to television may entice viewers, the cheeky writing and tired bro jokes wear fast.

5. Betrayal

What it's about: A married artist (Hannah Ware) begins a ravenous love affair with an almost-married man, who's entangled in a murder scandal being prosecuted by her husband.

Why you should avoid it: The trailer alone - with its swelling musical and longing stares - feels like a Nicholas Sparks parody. Betrayal's forced sexual tension and uninteresting, although attractive, characters turn this drama into a grade-A soap opera.

Supporting roles by James Cromwell (American Horror Story) and Henry Thomas (Elliot from E.T.) give it a slight boost.

- Business Insider Australia and staff writers