Young author publishes first book

23:39, Sep 19 2013
Southland Times photo
Waihopai School author Danielle Jarvie, 11, centre, celebrates the launch of her book 'Running Away Forever' with Lucy Hall, 9, as Lala the teletubbie, Claudia Smith, 11, as the Cheshire Cat, and Soni Ahoaeila, 7, as Peter Pan, at a special book character day.

It's a struggle to get some 11-year-olds to read novels, let alone write them.

It's a little different for Waihopai School pupil Danielle Jarvie, who has published her first novel.

Danielle has achieved her dream of becoming a published author, with her novel, Running Away Forever, officially launched this morning.

The novel tells the story of 11-year-old Skylar, who has to leave her home in Afghanistan to escape the Taliban, and the journey she takes with her younger sister.

''I just saw it on the news and I thought it would be a good topic,'' Danielle said.

The book also featured illustrations by Danielle's mother, Sally.


Teacher Cheryl Burgess, who edited the book, said Danielle spent about two days putting the story to paper before the editing process began.

A lot of research followed to make sure details, such as what a burqa looked like or what airport characters would have arrived at, were correct, Ms Burgess said.

Once the book was edited, the pair used website Snapfish to publish the book.

To celebrate the book's publication, Waihopai School pupils dressed up as their favourite book characters today and held a book launch at assembly.

Danielle was already looking for topics for new books, and said a sequel to Running Away Forever might be her next project.

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