Crowds come to 'Lear' in the park

19:54, Feb 11 2014

After a five-day visit, the King has bid farewell to Queens Park.

Last night's Shakespeare in the Park performance wrapped up the 2014 festival, this year featuring a King Lear theme, which began on Friday.

The show was in two parts, one featuring local actors and the other a one-man show called Battle of the Bastards, starring David Ladderman, of Christchurch.

Hundreds of Southlanders explored the dramatic scenes spread across Queens Park during the annual event.

Venture Southland creative projects manager Angela Newell said early sales counts showed at least 850 people paid to see the one-man show.

But she estimated about 1000 people took a wander around the free promenade performances starring the local actors, although it was difficult to gauge as there were no ticket sales for those scenes.

Overall, it was a good result for the production, but the slightly shorter season could have impacted sales this year, Ms Newell said.

Shakespeare in the Park producer Sarah McCarthy said those involved in the festival had thoroughly enjoyed the event, and this had been reflected in the audiences' appreciation of the show.


The Southland Times