Artist's art for everyone

Artist Richard Adams.
Artist Richard Adams.

He can play the fiddle and paint incredible paintings but Richard Adams may yet do his most impressive work when he dances his way through a painting at the Arrowtown Autumn Festival.

Adams and his guitar playing companion Nigel Gavin are returning to the festival by popular demand after featuring in last year's lineup.

They will play music together, Gavin will present a guitar workshop and Adams will present an artists' workshop as well as painting a large canvas in the Village Green to the tunes of Gavin.

"It's sort of a dance routine - action painting. It's how I paint. It's an interesting process, painting," he laughed.

The painting, which would be auctioned afterwards, would be sky for the top half with a blue horizon bar rolling down into rustic, autumnal tones.

"It will be quite simple. The pictures I'm making at the moment do have a sky quality more than I used to do.

"I get a lot of inspiration when I travel. I'm always taking photographs of horizon lines and skies and that juxtaposition of colour you get at the horizon point. I love it."

His workshop entitled "Working on paper in abstraction" would see artists of all levels invited to layer surfaces on paper to create textures to use with their own paints and brushes.

"I'm letting people experiment. That's what painting is about - pushing the boundary," he said. "Last year a couple of people came who hadn't painted in their life but it was fabulous."

The Auckland-based artist said he enjoyed the opportunity to interact with the public at festivals.

"I wouldn't want to teach all the time but I enjoy the process. I learn something too."

People don't usually have the opportunity to see artists at work, he said.

"Some artists wouldn't paint of front of people. I believe everyone has art in them, maybe its music, and it's just tapping into it."

The pair had been to a lot of jazz festivals together where they played as a duo. Adams is a member of the well-known Nairobi Trio and Gavin is "a guitar guru", Adams said.

He said their music was original, contemporary jazz using simple melodies and turning them into "sound-scapes".


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