The show goes on - but in a different gallery

01:18, Apr 29 2014
Southland Times photo
Anderson Park Art Gallery manager/curator Stephen Davies shows off some of the work in an exhibition which has been moved to the Bank Gallery in Invercargill.

It's cheerful, it's delightful, it's crazy, it's beautiful - and Southland is lucky to be seeing this solo show by Dunedin-based artist Ewan McDougall at all.

The exhibition was to be shown at the Anderson Park Art Gallery, which has been closed to the public since the end of January because of safety concerns.

But, thanks to good old networking and a collaborative attitude, the show will go on after all.

Gallery manager and curator Stephen Davies said Beverly Claridge, of The Bank Art Gallery, stepped in and "opened her doors" to allow the show to go ahead.

Part of the Southland Festival of the Arts, the work shows the artist's sense of humour, Davies said. "It's a show that generates a real reaction from the viewer. That's one of the cool things. It's expressive, its fun - I find them quite joyful."

The exhibition is the first that Anderson Park Art Gallery team has moved since the historic building was found to be an earthquake risk and closed earlier this year. Any plans for other shows, including their Spring Exhibition, have stalled as the gallery plays a "waiting game", Davies said.


"My plan was to have a gallery to function as Anderson Park, but it's a bit slow in coming."

It was difficult to organise an exhibition without knowing a venue, he said.

McDougall's show opens on Thursday at the Bank Art Gallery in The Crescent, Invercargill, and continues until May 31.


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