Intimacy of setting works for HOTEL

21:55, Apr 29 2014

The idea is simple - what if the walls of a hotel room could speak?

Last night they spoke, probing the lives of the people who stay in hotels in Site Specific Theatre's HOTEL.

The play begins with a cameo from Invercargill actress Moira Brew, who plays a departing prostitute stealing from her patron.

We meet the young woman pumped with enthusiasm to meet her lover, the lonley woman terrified of other peoples' germs, the couple whose sexual spark has diminished from their relationship and the businessman who though grieving still makes time to yell at his employees down the phone.

Taking a trip into room 78 at the Ascot Park Hotel for HOTEL last night's show you would expect to see imitations of a fantasies of hotel life unfolding.

However, the show feels real.


It probes the emotions and the flaws of people in a way that is almost relatable.

Site Specific Theatre has honed its craft with the intimacy of a small setting and the interwoven action of the separate characters.

The show would not be the same on a stage, it is made for a hotel room where the room acts as its own character for the actors to feed off of and develop their stories.

HOTEL could have so easily alienated the average theatregoer - raw emotion and semi-nudity sometimes do that.

But no, the intimacy of the setting along with that of the characters showed the audience spectrum of humanity from elation, sexual frustration and sadness which leaves you pitying the characters long after you step out of room 78.  

* Hotel runs from Wednesday, until Saturday, May 3 at the Ascot Park Hotel. Bookings are essential as numbers are limited to 20 people per show.

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