Expect more of the same from Adele

Judging by her Australasian tour so far, the songs and theatrics will remain the same tonight.

Why should The Bach be diverse?

OPINION: Variety and representation are always good things. But does it matter on a show like The Bachelor?

Why I Love Kate Winslet

The Heavenly Creature who has delivered Titanic performances time and again.

Twenty One Pilots pull it out of hat

REVIEW: Roll up, roll up for the greatest show on earth: two blokes, a drum kit and oodles of cinematic bombast.

Adele fans caught in traffic accident

Adele concertgoers caught up in traffic crawl on State Highway 1.

Breeze host's epilepsy battle

Kath Bier was diagnosed with the brain disorder one day and ran a half-marathon the next.

Love letter from a superstar

Reach under your seat, Adele told one fan, there's something waiting for you there.

Adele? Pffft, try Crowded House

Think 43,000's big? Try 80,000 crowding into Hagley Park for these Kiwi legends.

High tea with the alt-right

Not content with The Matrix and Taylor Swift, racists are reaching for Pride and Prejudice to prove a point.

How Python just avoided dreaded X

New files suggest blasphemy and a swearing nun were all to much for British censors

Polly and Grant leave The Hits

Outspoken radio host Polly Gillespie takes a final swing at bosses after the pair decide not to re-sign contracts.

Now you can Sia

Aussie singer sends internet into a frenzy after revealing her face

Is Hollyoaks 'underrated'?

Actor James Sutton says the soap gets young people talking about important issues.

Auckland Daze crew reunite

Go bush with Millen Baird in his new comedy, Darryl: An Outward Bound Story.

Dr Charles in charge

Oliver Platt plays Dr Daniel Charles, an ER psychiatrist, in Chicago Med.

Contestants return to find show axed

The network cancelled its reality show, but no-one told the cast. They remained in the wilderness for months.

Delving into the dark

David Vann writes black-humoured and fascinating stories about people in crisis.

Abduction stories the new telly trend

The second season of The Missing is taut, terrific, challenging viewing.

From Samoan church to the big screen

The Te Papa tour guide turned unexpected film star

At home with Laurel Devenie

Actor Laurel Devenie's favourite pieces of furniture are her well-travelled, multi-functional beer crates.

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