John Campbell vs The Government

A look at some of the more heated interviews by John Campbell as the host prepares to sign off tonight.

Goldfinger girl Pussy Galore returns

Goldfinger girl returns in book licensed by family estate and penned by author Horowitz.

An oral history of Outrageous Fortune

Ahead of the prequel, the cast and crew of Outrageous Fortune talk about the show that changed their lives.

Sleeping Beauty on Ice cancelled

Shipping error forces cancellation of South Island Sleeping Beauty on Ice shows.

Number's behind LiLo's court saga

For the first time in nearly eight years, Lindsay Lohan is not on probation. Here's a look at the numbers behind Lindsay Lohan's court saga.

Campbell bows out of show

Broadcaster John Campbell says "it's a tough time to be a journalist" as he bows out of his current affairs show.

Even as a boy, Campbell had a big heart

Wellington dairy owner gave John Campbell his first job - packing stores shelves as a fourth-former in 1979.

Who's got the moves?

Dance experts run a critical eye over Sunday's Dancing with the Stars contestants.

In short: book reviews

Book reviews from New Zealand and overseas.

Crime at its best: World Gone By

REVIEW: Dennis Lehane remains in fine form with his latest offering, World Gone By.

Salute performance 'emotionally charged'

Salute, the New Zealand Ballet’s commemorative programme marking the World War One centennial is choreographically diverse and emotionally charged, presenting a multitude of challenges for the company’s dancers.

New Gone Girl? Renee Knight's Disclaimer gets the buzz

The British writer's persistence has paid off at the age of 55, with her first novel garnering plenty of attention and praise.

Towers sing Slice of Heaven

To mark NZ Music Month, Wellington-based indie-pop band Towers will cover well-known Kiwi songs.

Campbell Live: remember when?

On the day of John Campbell's last show on TV3 we take a trip back through time.

Reality show with Hunger Games feel

BBC comes under fire for a new show making poor people compete for a cash prize, but the network insists it's just a "social experiment".

Lena Dunham goes completely nude

Lena Dunham says she doesn't bother covering up for sex scenes on her show, Girls, any more because it's just not practical.

Shaky morals rock quake drama

REVIEW: Forget Dwayne Johnson, the Fault is our star in San Andreas.

G.I. Fey: Tina's now an action figure

Step aside, Barbie. There's a whole new kind of female action figure about to hit the market, and she's funny too.

JK Rowling slays Westboro Church

J.K. Rowling has conjured a magical takedown of the anti-gay Westboro Baptist Church over the fabled marriage of Gandalf and Dumbledore.

Stuff's weekend film guide

Dwayne Johnson takes on mother nature and George Clooney heads to Tomorrowland.

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