Four southern peaks make 'munro bagging' list

02:13, Feb 03 2014
Mt Titiroa
The boulder summit of Mt Titiroa.

Peak-bagging is a new sport where the participant reaches the summits of selected hills and mountains. It began in Scotland where peak-bagging is known as "munro bagging", a munro being a mountain over 3000 feet or 915m. Over 4000 people have ticked off all 284 Scottish munros. Four Southland peaks currently on the list are Mt Luxmore, Mt Titiroa, Key Summit and Conical Hill on the Routeburn Track.

The photo is of the weird, boulder summit of Mt Titiroa overlooking Lake Manapouri courtesy of Russell Beck.

Disaster in Bluff Harbour was narrowly averted when the tug Awarua and the pilot launch Aparima collided on March 2, 1957.

Barrie Williams witnessed the event from the roof of the "Gun Fort" at the end of Gunpit road as a 6-year-old. "About six of us Bluff kids were on the roof at the time when someone yelled out, "look at this", to attract our attention.

All the others were about three to four years older than me. When I looked around the Aparima was in the position in the photo." Despite listing over 75 degrees and taking in water, the Aparima survived.

The Awarua had arrived in Bluff in 1932. She was decommissioned about 1972 and finally scuttled in Foveaux Strait on November 10, 1989.


Photo taken by MED Downs, provided courtesy of Barrie Williams, shows the half-sunken Aparima on the bow of the Awarua.

Southland's oldest resident was Frances Maude (Maudie) Wilson nee McRobie, formerly of Clyde, who died in Invercargill on October 24, 2013, aged 110 years 7 months. She was at that time the oldest New Zealander.

She is followed by former mayoress Mabel Wachner, who was born on December 22 , 1892. She died on June 29 , 2001, aged 108. Emily Jane Maud McCrostie (March 8 , 1889-May 29, 1997), also reached 108.

The oldest-ever New Zealander is believed to have been Florence Finch, who died in 2007 aged 113 years and 109 days.

Southland's longest river, and the sixth longest in New Zealand, is the Mataura which runs 240km from its source in the Eyre Mountains to Fortrose.

Alan Admore followed the entire length of the river in 2005-6. The longest river is the Waikato at 425km, followed by the Clutha at 322km. Southland's Waiau and Oreti Rivers both make the top 10 as well.

The Riverton to Invercargill marathon was the first marathon of full length - 26 miles 385 yards or 42.195km - in New Zealand. It was run on July 14, 1909, with the 13 starters dwindling to seven finishers.

David Stewart won in 3 hours 22 mins 30 seconds. The race was next run in 1953. The length of the marathon is fixed at the distance run in the 1908 London Olympics.

Southland's largest area of reclaimed land is the 914 hectares on which Invercargill Airport stands. Reclamation began in 1910 and ended in 1961 with the completion of the reclamation of 100 acres between Tweed St and Victoria Ave.

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