Going for Gigatown

04:13, Feb 20 2014
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Team Gigatown: Tam De Haan, Lou Donnelly-Davey, Lauren Major and Ben De Haan are part of the team driving Queenstown’s Gigatown bid.

Queenstown's Gigatown team have roared into finals contention and are promising more fun and prizes as they strive to make Queenstown the most wired town in Australasia.

A slow starter in the social media-based competition, Queenstown is now fifth on the Gigatown leaderboard.

The top five towns by September go in a finals competition to win 1Gbps internet services for three years, supplied by Chorus.

Local technology worker Lou Donnelly-Davey gave the initial push to get Queenstown in the running but was struggling to keep up with all the social media sites as well as hold down her job and look after a family.

Recently she has recruited Ben De Haan, who was doing a "phenomenal" job of running the Facebook page and getting people engaged and his wife Tam De Haan, an "online powerhouse", who was looking after Instagram and Flickr with Lauren Major.

Ms Donnelly-Davey said Mel Bowles had become the Twitter manager. "She doesn't have a background in social media but she's into it. She's probably going to come out the end of this and do something really cool."


Finally, AJ Mason was involved in strategy.

"That's our team and they're just outstanding," she said.

The group was meeting once a week to strategise and had been working to involve local businesses to create some great incentives to get people involved. The likes of AJ Hackett, Queenstown Resort College and HQWiFi had already been involved.

"We're inching up the leader board a little but we're not going to pull out all our guns. We've still get six months left.

"The fact we've got to fifth with no collateral, no posters and very little business involvement and no grand gestures to date . . . is quite promising."

The group were on 305,918 points on Monday morning behind Wanaka, which is first with 893,000 points.

"If we get the development fund it's a helping hand. If we don't we've still got the engaged team and that platform to move on with. We're not doing it for Chorus. We're doing it for the community. There's more to it than just Gigatown."

Bring Gigatown to Queenstown

On social media postings, use hashtags #gigatownqueenstown and #gigatownqtn and sign up at gigatown.co.nz.


Be a part of the Instagram Giga-Speed Test

What: The latest Gigatown mini-competition requires users to post a video on Instagram that creatively demonstrates the speed and capacity difference between gig fibre and today's broadband.

What can we win: Every eligible video earns Queenstown 1000 Gigapoints.

How do we do it: The good people at Gigatown Queenstown have organised lots of local business including the likes of Flyboard and Sasso to act out scenarios. You need to come with your phone, ready to film and post to Instagram.

Where: Earnslaw Park.

When: 2pm on Saturday, pop in a bit earlier if you would like to learn a bit more about using Instagram.

More information: Visit the Gigatown Queenstown Facebook page.

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