Top cast and plenty of tension in hit film

Beard fanciers may also find pleasure and enjoyment in Argo.
Beard fanciers may also find pleasure and enjoyment in Argo.

Argo. Starring Ben Affleck, Bryan Cranston and John Goodman; directed by Ben Affleck.  

In 1979, all but six employees of the United States Embassy in Iran were taken hostage.

Argo tells the story of CIA operative Tony Mendez and his mission to rescue the six Americans who managed to escape. His plan is to go to Iran under the disguise of scouting locations for the next big science-fiction movie - Argo.

While the historical accuracy of this film is rather loose (hence the tagline "based on true events"), it does not detract from this film.

One reason this film is good is its cast. Names include Bryan Cranston (Breaking Bad), Victor Garber (Alias), Alan Arkin (Little Miss Sunshine) and Ben Affleck (The Town), each outstanding in their own right.

Affleck, himself, is another reason for the success of this film. Even though some may believe his career peaked with Good Will Hunting and flopped with Daredevil, there is no denying that he has a reputation for knowing a good dramatic story that viewers love to watch but may not necessarily know much about, which gives him a point of difference from his colleagues.

As well as portraying Argo's lead, Tony Mendez, Affleck directs the film and, along with George Clooney, takes responsibility for producing credits.

The story that its producers give to the audience is thrilling, dramatic and terrifying at times.

A key element to any great thriller is its level of suspense, and Argo has plenty.

In fact, the tension and uncertainty developed throughout the film are almost too much to endure at times.

It will come as no surprise that Argo has been critically acclaimed by film critics and some say it could be a good contender for a few Oscars next year.

It is a great film with an interesting story, good pace and a fantastic cast and crew.

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