Crazy show was laugh a minute

00:41, Nov 20 2012

He may be impersonating a notorious criminal who brags about having committed violent crimes but it would seem the biting humour of Heath Franklin as Chopper Read is a bit of a crowd puller.

Hordes of Chopper fans crowded the Invercargill Civic Theatre on Sunday evening to watch him create a "shit list" - which included cyclists, Subway and weird, creepy people in crowds.

The laughter was never-ending with more "shit list" topics ranging from confidence advertisements to the New Zealand Olympic team and politicians.

Heath Franklin portrays Mark "Chopper" Read - a kidnapper, author and a man who robbed drug dealers and later progressed to kidnapping and torturing criminals.

During the show the audience heard about a frustrating text message conversation between Chopper and his mate Deadshit McMongo and his sheer dislike of coffee tables and "My Family" stickers on cars.

Two women from the audience - one Australian and one Kiwi - went head-to-head in a trans-Tasman tussle for final ownership rights of pavlova, Phar Lap and the Gold Coast. The tussle included a dry Weet-Bix eating competition and a lightning-fast question round, where competitors had no time to answer any of the questions.

The banter continued with jokes about public toilets and the renaming of the New Zealand Olympic team, which Chopper believes should be the "Brolympians", and a legitimate excuse for homicide - hearing a Christmas carol in October.

The show was non-stop laugh and I can't wait to hear the hilarious jokes he brings next time.


The Southland Times