Bad guy redeemed in heart-warming movie

MOVIE REVIEW: Wreck-it Ralph 3-D; featuring the voice talents of John C Reilly, Sarah Silverman, and Jane Lynch; directed by Rich Moore

To the people playing the arcade game Fix-It Felix Jnr, Ralph is the bad guy who wrecks a building over and over, so Felix, the good guy (and the video game player), can come along, fix it and get the medal for being the hero. Sadly, once the video game arcade closes for the night, Ralph is left with the bad guy persona, isolated from the characters of Fix-It Felix Jnr and all the other video game characters in the arcade.

As you can imagine, being the bad guy brings poor Ralph down, and matters are only made worse when he is left out of the 30th anniversary celebrations for Fix-It Felix Jnr. After he is reluctantly invited by Felix to join in the celebrations, Ralph only ends up wrecking the party and the characters tell him he can only be a good guy if he gets a medal. Ralph takes this challenge and heads out to get his own medal, visiting a couple of neighbouring video games where he proves himself and meets new friends.

This film was so much fun to watch, especially trying to spot all the cameos by video game characters like Pac-Man, an alien from Space Invaders and Frogger from Frogger. A scene where Ralph attends a bad guy support group is amusing to watch as it is led by Clyde (the orange ghost from Pac-Man), and attended by characters such as Bowser from the Mario games series, a zombie (based on one from House of Dead) and Satan (who prefers his name to be pronounced Satine). The 3-D was great, as you could expect from an animated film, but I don't believe it was necessary as the video game world Disney has created is vivid and spectacular. So if 2-D is your only option, don't feel like you will be missing out.

Disney has produced a wonderful family film that the little ones will enjoy and the big kids at heart (like myself) will squeal with delight while watching. Wreck-It Ralph, like past Disney films is exciting, funny and heart-warming to watch with a message about believing in yourself and accepting others for who they are.

The Southland Times