Makes no sense - but it's good fun

01:38, Feb 25 2013
Die Hard
HARD TO ENJOY: A Good Day to Die Hard is just Bruce Willis going through the motions.

MOVIE REVIEW: A Good Day to Die Hard. Starring Bruce Willis, Jai Courtney; directed by John Moore

John McClane (Willis) is - as we all know after five Die Hard movies - a tough-as- nails New York cop for whom trouble is a way of life. And when I say "trouble" I mean of course, crazy Russians, explosions and some kind of conspiracy. I think.

To be honest, I lost interest in the storyline of the latest Die Hard pretty quickly because, frankly, it didn't seem to matter all that much.

John McClane finds out that his son, Jack, has been arrested in Russia and is being held for trial on a murder charge. So he hops on the next plane and spends the next hour-and-a-half shooting at the bad guys and complaining that he's meant to be on vacation.

No, really. That was pretty much the movie. There was some familial bonding with his son, Jack (Courtney) but the McClanes don't go in much for your touchy- feely hugging crap. They say I love you with machineguns and things that go boom! It may not be the most lasting expression of fatherly love but it's certainly effective.

It's impossible to take A Good Day to Die Hard seriously. But that doesn't even matter, because it's fun. It's so much fun to just sit down with your popcorn and your choc icecream and watch Bruce Willis shoot people and blow stuff up for an hour-and-a-half, that nothing else really matters.

Certainly not the fact that the story made absolutely no sense whatsoever, and employed every action movie cliche ever.

Bruce Willis. Guns. Bad guys.

Yippee ki aye . . .


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