Improv pair had the kids on their side

CHEESY STUFF: Captain Thom McGrath and Greg Ellis perform Thom and Greg's Tales of Adventurenf at Repertory House yesterday.
CHEESY STUFF: Captain Thom McGrath and Greg Ellis perform Thom and Greg's Tales of Adventurenf at Repertory House yesterday.

Improv theatre is unpredictable by definition.

And yesterday, southern audiences laughed their way through a perfect example of why this form of theatre is so well-received.

Thom and Greg's Tales of Adventure, performed to an almost capacity crowd at Repertory House in Invercargill, is a story about, well, whatever audiences choose.

Yesterday's story followed the pair of adventurers as they made their way to the Moon to find blue cheese to be used to save New Zealand from the clutches of exorbitant cheese prices.

Along the way they encountered a walrus, aka the Guardian of the Cheese, who, upon discovering the pair digging for his cheese, cursed them forever, unless they could find him a moon cow.

Apparently moon cows can only be found in Yugoslavia. Which made finding the cow difficult as the country no longer technically exists.

But despite the challenges, the pair set sail to find the moon cow, assisted ably by various small members of the crowd.

While Thom and Greg kept the storyline rolling with their comedic tall tale telling, inspiration for the story came from the audience, younger members of which gleefully threw out all manner of crazy ideas to make the story as fantastical and unbelievable as possible.

I started laughing almost the moment the pair walked on stage, and did not stop until the show finished.

The 8-year-old giggling beside me, along with the rest of the children, at times shrieking with laughter, suggests it was as equally well received by the rest of the audience.

All in all it was a nice way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

What Brooke says:

Thom and Greg's Tales of Adventure is a made up play about two men who went to the Moon to get blue cheese.

They wanted the cheese because they wanted to get cheaper cheese for New Zealanders.

I think it was very funny because they acted silly and made me laugh.

They had a pretend boat and Greg pretended to drop a booger on the other guy, which made me laugh and laugh.

I had to pretend to be a Moon rock and other people had to pretend they were stars. I liked being part of the show.

I also liked when Thom and Greg came running through the door and surprised everyone. Thom's running was loud. It was also funny when children had to pretend to be jackhammers to dig holes in the moon to find the blue cheese.

I would definitely go and see the show again.

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