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Last updated 13:27 24/02/2014

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OPINION: Robocop. Starring Joel Kinnaman, Michael Keaton and Gary Oldman; directed by Jose Padliha

I must admit, Robocop was never one of the films from the 80s I grew up loving. Die Hard, yes. The Goonies, for sure. Back to the Future, absolutely. I knew Robocop existed but, for some reason, skipped it. In fact, I'm not ashamed to admit that I only got around to watching it a few years ago.

This remake, or perhaps reboot depending on the number of subsequent films, is set in our near future, 2028. The United States of America are debating against using robot technology to defend society against criminal activity. When cop Alex Murphy is critically injured, his wife allows monster corporation Omnicorp to transform her husband into Robocop; part man, part machine.

With Robocop released to the public, Omnicorp begins a crusade to prove to the population that the country can be defended by its technology, no matter what the cost.

Playing the lead role is Joel Kinnaman, an actor I had never heard of before walking into the cinema, even though I've seen a few of his films, including The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and Safe House. His portrayal as Alex Murphy was good and his anonymity added to his performance, as there were no expectations.

Raymond Sellars, head of Omnicorp, is played by Michael (Beetlejuice) Keaton, who seems to be making a comeback to the world of cinema. Soon to be seen in Need for Speed with the delicious Aaron Paul (Breaking Bad), he performs the role with the perfect lack of humanity and with a heart made of ice.

Overall, Robocop is a decent action film tackling some pretty heavy themes, including greed, corruption and media manipulation.

It's dark, cold and there is a clear line between good and bad, with most of the characters being on the side of evil.

The visuals are cool and Robocop himself is slick to look at. It's an OK way to spend a few hours, but not exactly mind- blowing.

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- The Southland Times


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