Steve Broad through to X Factor boot camp

Southlanders continue to steal the show at X Factor NZ, with another through to boot camp.

Review: The Sparrow Thieves

The Sparrow Thieves have really hit their straps musically.

Has an edge adults will enjoy

boxtrolls strap

OPINION: MOVIE REVIEW: The first words to come out of my 5-year-old niece's mouth after watching The Boxtrolls were "it was amazing", and that it was.

Just another young-adult film

the maze runner

OPINION: MOVIE REVIEW: Maze Runner is yet another young adult book made into a film and I'm over it.

Ninja Turtles on steroids still lots of fun

teenage mutant ninja turtles

OPINION: MOVIE REVIEW: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is completely silly but so much fun.

A slam-dunk hayride to Hitsville

Topp Twins

OPINION: REVIEW: Fans of NZ's best-loved entertainers expecting a Topp show will have gone home happy at the opening night of the Grand Ole Topp'ry tour.

Comic book noir and not much else

Sin City, Jessica ALba

OPINION: MOVIE REVIEW: You wouldn't be mistaken to think the new Sin City movie was a waste of time for both the film-makers and moviegoers.

If you enjoyed the book, beware

the giver

OPINION: MOVIE REVIEW: The Giver is one of those book-to-movie adaptations that doesn't quite stack up.

Smalltown Kiwi horror film a great laugh


OPINION: MOVIE REVIEW: Our reviewer isn't normally a fan of horror films, but Housebound might have changed that.

Favourite 80s heroes missing in action


OPINION: MOVIE REVIEW: The power houses of classic action flicks have returned for a crazy collaboration in the third Expendables film.

Another Kiwi gem

Cliff Curtis in Dark Horse.

OPINION: MOVIE REVIEW: We're being spoilt with great New Zealand films this year and The Dark Horse is continuing the trend.

Lacks punch but a must-see for foodies

Helen Mirren in The Hundred Foot Journey

OPINION: MOVIE REVIEW: The Hundred-foot Journey had touching moments, made me giggle, and I definitely appreciated the acting, but it lacked punch.

Goofball of a superhero perfect medicine

Guardians of the Galaxy

OPINION: MOVIE REVIEW: Marvel has delivered what the world has always needed - a dancing goofball of a superhero in "Guardians of the Galaxy".

Cliche-ridden horror scenes fail to deliver

Movie Review generic

OPINION: MOVIE REVIEW: The trailer for "Deliver Us From Evil" oversold a film full of clumsy cliches.

Dancers in top form


Just when you thought the Royal New Zealand Ballet couldn't get any better, they are back in Invercargill to present their dedicated audiences with Allegro.

Sex-tape 'sitcom' clumsy and rarely funny

sex tape

MOVIE REVIEW: When home video cameras came on the market, the sexually adventurous were among the first customers, and since then there's been no shortage of amateurs recording their bedroom antics and often sharing the results.

Seamless ape sequel shocks and awes

 Dawn of the Planet of the Apes

MOVIE REVIEW: Rise of the Planet of the Apes is a flawless blend of good storytelling, great casting and seamless production.

Great family movie

how to Train Your Dragon 2

MOVIE REVIEW: I cried in a kids' movie. I admit it. But How to Train Your Dragon 2 got me all caught up in the moment.

Harmonies make up for leisurely start

Jersey Boys

MOVIE REVIEW: Jersey Boys reignited our reviewer's love for the music of The Four Seasons.

Fire-breathing robot dinosaurs 'boring'


MOVIE REVIEW: There is a fire breathing robot dinosaur. And that's really all there is to say about Transformers: Age of Extinction.

Reunion could have been better


OPINION: MOVIE REVIEW: In 1998 The Wedding Singer graced our cinema screens with Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore. In 2004, Sandler and Barrymore fell in love again in 50 First Dates. Now, 10 years on, the romantic comedy couple are back.

Shining a light on Wellington's vampires

 Jemaine Clement(Vladislav), Ben Fransham(Petyr), and Taika Waititi

OPINION: MOVIE REVIEW: There's no real storyline to hang the action on here, which makes sense given the nature of the film. It's also very, very, very funny.

Faultless big screen adaptation

The fault in our stars

MOVIE REVIEW: If you haven't heard of young-adult author John Green, then boy oh boy, "The Fault in Our Stars" is certainly the best and most emotional way be introduced.

Bro-mance ignites Jump Street sequel



OPINION: MOVIE REVIEW: Those who have seen 21 Jump Street will experience a sense of familiarity going into this sequel, 22 Jump Street.

New twist on Disney classic


OPINION: MOVIE REVIEW: Maleficent is not a film to take your boyfriend to.

Cameo roles save film


A Million Ways to Die in the West

OPINION: MOVIE REVIEW: I'm positive that one of the ways to die in the West is to sit through Seth MacFarlane's latest film, aptly named, A Million Ways to Die in the West.

Clooney can't rescue this work of art


ben hurley

OPINION: MOVIE REVIEW: Set during the later years of World War II, The Monuments Men tells the tale of an unlikely group of men sent to retrieve significant pieces of art with the aim of returning each piece to their owners.

Strong cast and compelling production


Sol3 Mio

MOVIE REVIEW: If you are attracted to true stories about survival, then see this incredible film. You will not be disappointed.

Compelling and tragic film a must-see


12 Years a Slave

MOVIE REVIEW: 12 Years a Slave pulls absolutely no punches, but Steve McQueen has such a sure touch as a director that the absolute tragedy of the story never tips over into melodrama.

Drama underpinned by family love


August Osage County

OPINION: MOVIE REVIEW: August: Osage County is based on a play by Tracey Letts and its theatrical origins can be seen in the extensive dialogue, which still crackles along at a great pace.

Unseen adversary pushes the pulse


Non Stop - Liam Neeson

OPINION: MOVIE REVIEW: Our reviewer was pleasantly surprised by fast-paced airborne action thriller Non-Stop.

Quartet captivates audience

Southland Times photo

A spell-bound Invercargill audience enjoyed a musical ensemble of four string players last night.

Love story promised but not delivered


Southland Times photo

OPINION: MOVIE REVIEW: The trailer for Winter's Tale was completely mesmerising. It promised a tale of a love so strong it could survive even time itself.

Irresistably easy to watch


Southland Times photo

OPINION: MOVIE REVIEW: I'm a hopeless romantic; a fact I'm not ashamed to admit. I love the feeling of a sweeping score, watching a beautiful relationship develop and, of course, the perfect first kiss.

Charming trip down memory lane


Saving Mr Banks

OPINION: MOVIE REVIEW: In 1962, P L Travers, the author of the Mary Poppins series of books about a magic nanny, is trying her best to keep afloat while avoiding the courting of Walt Disney for the rights to her beloved character.

Dark, cold and evil - it's OK



OPINION: MOVIE REVIEW: I must admit, Robocop was never one of the films from the 80s I grew up loving.

Hustled and left wondering


american hustle

OPINION: MOVIE REVIEW: Have you ever come to the end of a movie and stayed in your seat because you're wondering what on Earth you just sat through for the past seven and a half hours?

Thought-provoking biopic pulls no punches


long walk to freedom

MOVIE REVIEW: The life of Nelson Mandela is a hard one to compress into a two and half hour movie, but Long Walk to Freedom does a pretty good job.

How annoying - Jackson's done it again


Bilbo Baggins

OPINION: Peter Jackson. The man who can turn a 300-odd page book into three lengthy films which every movie fan must see, no matter what. This infuriates me so much.

Bad Grandpa delivers subtle message

Bad Grandpa

OPINION: The creators of Jackass: The Movie and Jackass Number Two return with another feature film, Bad Grandpa.

Delightful, heart-wrenching tale

One Chance

OPINION: MOVIE REVIEW: One Chance. Starring James Corden, Mackenzie Crook and Julie Walters. Directed by David Frankel

Sequel more than lives up to the promise

Catching Fire

Catching Fire picks up after the end of The Hunger Games with Katniss and Peeta back in District 12 trying to get back to whatever normal means now after surviving the Games.

Hanks perfectly cast in really good film

Captain Phillips

OPINION: The film Captain Phillips tells the traumatic events that unfolded in 2009 when Somali pirates hijacked Phillips' cargo ship and crew.

Conflicts and creepiness absorbing viewing

Thor: The Dark World

OPINION: It feels like it's been a long time coming, this Thor sequel. Technically speaking, it has, but in between we had The Avengers and Iron Man 3 to keep us entertained.

Stunning account of a driven Hillary

Beyond the Edge

OPINION: As New Zealanders, we are born with the knowledge that Sir Edmund Hillary conquered Everest, but few of us know the detail on how this remarkable feat was actually achieved.

Laughs, tears with time-travelling love

About Time movie review

MOVIE REVIEW: Richard Curtis returns to the director's chair after a long departure with the charming and emotional rollercoaster that is "About Time".

No end to their promise

OPINION: MUSIC REVIEW: The Thieves have hatched up something special here, an indie musical cinema for the soul.

A poker story with no game

MOVIE REVIEW: Richie Furst (Justin Timberlake) is a struggling Masters student at Princeton. He's already done the Wall Street thing, and come out on the wrong side of the recession.

Gravity's out of this world


MOVIE REVIEW: Gravity is the latest film from Mexican film creator Alfonso Cuaron and it is incredible.

Turbo a true entertainer


OPINION: MOVIE REVIEW: Turbo is a snail with a dream. A dream to be fast! Fast enough to race in the Indy 500.
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