Life & Style

Adele's fashion evolution

Her sweet, sweet music has been consistent over the years, but her style sure has changed.

Fragrances go gender-free

Calvin Klein has just released its first "gender-free" fragrance. Not unisex. Not gender-neutral. Gender free.

Hair-raising salon spend revealed

When it comes to time in the hairdressing chair, you may be surprised who is spending what, and where, and when.

From scrawny to super cute

Silas is a cat who has an Instagram account. You read that right.

Mum: Breast no different to spoon

Mum hits out at breastfeeding shamers and refuses to cover up while feeding her son.

Improved recipes going down a treat

Food companies' healthier versions of popular products are gaining Govt health stars and praise from shoppers.

Best way to toast nuts

Nuts are a Christmas staple, here's some suggestions on what to do with them.

Raise a glass to save a reef

Snuggles with your coffee

Christmas shopping master list

We’ve got your what-to-buy dilemmas sorted with our ultimate guide to the most desirable gifts.

Top 5 swimwear trends

Great togs are hard to find. Here are some of the latest swimsuit trends for inspiration.

Teens win model search

'You're going to lose your job'

Kylie Jenner's wheelchair shoot

The reality television star has come under fire for posing with a wheelchair as a fashion accessory.

Off roader jumps through buildings

A turbocharged off-road vehicle is put through a series of death-defying stunts.

World's lowest roadworthy car

The lowest roadworthy car measures 45.2 cm from the ground to highest part of the car.

Driver texts moments after fatal crash

Cars are so three years ago

Shooting Brake is son of a gun

For those who don't need the quickest compact wagon in the west then this Merc shooting brake is the right ride.

Bad sex reaps awards

In the literary world, at least. The Literary Review Bad Sex in Fiction Award short list exists and it's officially been released.

Censor leaves after Into the River saga

Dr Don Mathieson will be replaced as president of the Film and Literature Board of Review.


Author weighs in on Snape debate

Morrissey's great at 'Bad Sex'

And his novel, List of the Lost, has just won the award that proves it.

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Anzacs and beyond

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Southland's 100-year Floods: 25 Years Later

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