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Life & Style

Should we go totally smoke free?

Ashtrays are disappearing from both inside and outside New Zealand cafes and restaurants.

Max Key's new look

His latest trip to the hairdresser may have you doing a double take.

Dress code 'not severe'

The students are angry at the ball dress rules, calling them sexist, but the school's principal is standing by her decision.

The age you're most popular

What age do we hit peak friendship? Scientists believe they may have found the answer.

Can you spot the gherkin?

This latest hidden object challenge is a real pickle.

How fun is it to get drunk?

Does drinking make people happier, or does being happier make people drink?

Aussies protest pop-up McDonald's

The world's biggest restaurant chain will open a pop-up store in inner city Glebe - and some in the area are definitely not lovin' it.

Five dishes Nigella says to master

Restaurants rethink reservations

Our favourite celebrity offspring

While it's kind of frightening that these kids aren't actual babies any more, we're big fans.

Victoria Beckham wears Uggs

It seems Posh Spice would do anything for bestie Eva Longoria - even wear Ugg boots.

Lippy and heels or out

Less airbrushing, more profits

School ball dress codes - who needs 'em?

"If they can’t trust their students by this stage in their schooling, they have a much bigger problem than tulle and tiaras."

'People just post things without the facts'

The video showed what appeared to be a shocking case of dangerous driving. What it didn't show was what happened next.

Feeling a little flat with this plug-in

The T8 is a clever, if expensive, take on the plug-in hybrid SUV. But does it go far enough on electric power?

Changing SUV game suits new Mazda

Watch: Sleeping truckie's horror smash

Top Gear ready to roar back

Top Gear doesn't do understatement.

Review: Thought Horses, Rachel Bush

An extraordinary poetry collection that bears the unsettling fingerprints of death.

Book review: The City of Mirrors

Review: The City of Mirrors, Justin Cronin

Look, it's hot dudes reading books

Caitlin Moran: 'I'm going full hag'

Reviews: A Dying Breed, Keep You Close

Thriller set in post-conflict Afghanistan, and a pacy whodunnit.

Morning trivia quiz: May 25

Maisy lunchbox Got a good quiz question? Send your questions to

Afternoon trivia quiz: May 24

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Sports Quiz - May 24

Morning trivia quiz: May 24

Afternoon trivia quiz: May 25

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