Life & Style

Fat, happy and fabulous

Meagan Kerr

Meet three plus-size opinion-shapers who love fashion and refuse to hate their bodies.

I'm a fat girl who wears revealing clothes 'I'd rather be fat than shallow' - Lady Gaga

A long history of heartbreak

Tatjana Bozic The pain of rejection gave Tatjana Bozic the idea for a documentary - asking former lovers what went wrong.

Smooth operators

Lipidol Oils that promise better skin aren't of the snake variety any more.

Stress-free distressed denim

Distressed denim Here's how to do ripped, holey and vintage denim like fashion people do.

16 tomboy style icons

You can really get stuff done in a sensible pair of trousers. These women aren't bossy, they're the bosses of tomboy style. Prepare to meet your muse ...

Recipe: Broadbean and orzo salad

Orzo salad This easy orzo salad takes about 20 minutes to make and is a delicious way to enjoy the first choice beans of the season.

Recipe: Coconut crepe layer cake

Contestants from My Kitchen Rules NZ share what they hope will be a winning recipe from the show.

Spring into garden preparation

On choosing the right pans

Daily street style: Sept '14

Street style Check out your daily dose of real Kiwi fashion, courtesy of our street style snappers.

The week's best & worst dressed

Good actresses make bad decisions, J-Lo wears a leather t-shirt as a dress, and Reese looks chic.

Cannon's $2 million shoes

Red carpet rewind: Cam Diaz

Ugly is the new pretty

Thick soles, chunky straps and not a heel in sight: when it comes to shoes, the uglier the better.

Top-performing diesels

Top-performing family-sized diesel hatchbacks While increased road user charges are starting to stifle the benefits of diesel cars in NZ, such cars are still worth buying for the way they drive.

Pocket Audi rocket

Audi reintroduces its famous S1 badge with a low-flying missile that is a magnificent entry-level addition to its S model portfolio.

Like driving a double bed

Hottest WRX matures

Critics expect Gully is a go

National's win likely means controversial Transmission Gully roading project will be gearing up.

How to speak money

John Lanchester For author John Lanchester, understanding the language of money was liberating.

Top in literary stakes

The BNZ Literary Awards winners have been announced with a Hawke's Bay winemaker taking the top prize.

Through the looking glass

'Flawed brilliance'

Big Brother is watching

So in the spirit of the election tomorrow, here are some insightful novels about surveillance.

Daily trivia quiz: September 21

Nigella-Lawson-strap Are you a trivia whiz? Test your knowledge on our daily quiz.

Afternoon trivia quiz: September 20

Are you a trivia whiz? Test your knowledge on our daily quiz.

Daily trivia quiz: September 20

Afternoon trivia quiz: September 19

Afternoon trivia quiz: September 21

Are you a trivia whiz? Test your knowledge on our daily quiz.

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