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Can a couple be happily unmarried?

We all know a couple who claim to be "happily unmarried" but I'm not convinced.

Disney's film about periods

For some reason, Disney doesn't come to mind when we think about periods.

Seven signs of cheating

Do you find yourself wondering if your significant other could be straying?

First date don't: don't 'flash'

It's turns out money can't buy love - remember this one thing to leave a lasting impression.

Grand Designs - perfect?

They sacked the builder and went $1m over budget - it's tough in Ponsonby.

Sam Mannering's flatbreads

Here’s a versatile recipe that will stand you in good stead whether you’re cooking for the family or your flatmates.

Brown butter, and date muffins

Don't count on these little treats lasting long – they’ll be wolfed down as soon as they’re out of the oven.

World's most expensive chip?

Vegan brisket riles meat eaters

Get the look: Off-white

This season we can't say no to off-white. It's the colour that goes with everything and is multi-seasonal.

Michelle's best state dinner looks

One thing's for sure: we're going to miss the Obamas and Michelle's fashion sense.

My Sunday routine: Mara Andrew

Hillary Clinton shows her true colours

'Women, put the yoga pants away'

A man who wrote a letter about older women wearing leggings says he has been receiving death threats.

$1.4m car bought on phone app

A man has hit the "buy now" button on his phone to pay NZ$1.4m for a classic car in what is being touted as the largest known in-app purchase ever.

Hoonicorn to tackle Pikes Peak

Gymkhana is morphing into Climbkhana for US speed demon Ken Block.

Exploding tyre destroys SUV

Trucks galore

Abarth Spider has X-factor

Abarth's new roadster succeeds in offering a very different driving experience to the Mazda MX-5 on which it's based.

Dylan's Nobel silence 'arrogant'

Bob Dylan's silence since receiving the Nobel Prize has been called 'arrogant' by a board member.

Marvel pulls 'sexy' 15yo superhero

Marvel and Midtown Comics have pulled a comic book cover featuring a 15-year-old superhero after fan backlash.

New Tolkien book excites fans

How To Dad set for book release

Dolby offers sound advice

Why Thomas Dolby's still blinding them with science - from the dancefloor to the lecture theatre

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