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Anonymous note attacks Lupus sufferer

Her pain's so bad that at times she can hardly walk, yet someone took her to task for using a disabled carpark.

Can you spot the naked model?

Body paint is generally used when someone wants to stand out - but for this artist, it's all about blending in.

'I have genital herpes'

One woman is breaking the STD's unfair stigma by telling everyone who'll listen that she has it.

Why I started a sex club for women

Meet Emma Sayle, founder of the female-focused London club famed for its luxury, photo-vetted parties.

Are we being duped over organic food?

Abuse of the term "organic" in New Zealand means consumers may be unwittingly eating food tainted by chemicals.

The story behind the world's best pinot noir

A Wairarapa winery's tale of tragedy and triumph.

A timeline of future foods that weren't

Panty candy, space cakes, colossal carrots - what people in the past thought we'd be eating by now.

Cooking salmon the Scandi way

19th century champers much like bubbly today

Michael Buble, the body-shamer?

Canadian crooner attacked by fans after posting an Instagram picture of a stranger with "hungry shorts".

Her wonderful reason for posing naked

"I'm a black transgender woman. I felt this could be really powerful for the communities I represent."

The week's best & worst dressed

Richie Benaud's famous cream jacket

Kylie's sheer catsuit is intense

Yes, she basically wore head-to-toe see-through hosiery. Mmm... itchy.

Lexus updates mid-sized sedan

Lexus has readied a mid-life update for the ES range.

Lexus RX SUV gets turbo power

Lexus has confirmed plans to put a new turbocharged engine under the bonnet of its RX series luxury SUV.

Yamaha’s almost perfect 'ten'

Petrol prices 'squeaky clean'

Living with the World Car of the Year

Despite its bottom of the range placement, the Mercedes-Benz C200 impresses as much as its hundred grand more expensive 500 horsepower AMG siblings.

The books most want to see banned

Gay penguins and alien lovers are among the subjects of the books Americans are most keen to see banned.

My breakfast with David

Booked-nominated British writer David Mitchell is quietly building a world of his own, as big as Middle Earth.

Austrian serial killer thriller: Woman of the Dead

Tommy Wieringa's These are the Names: satire or allegory?

Drawing attention to climate change

Kiwi comic artists concerned over rising sea level, super storms and climate change have put pen to paper.

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