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Plus-size model makes history

Size 18 Ashley Graham is helping Sports Illustrated's swimsuit edition make waves this year - for all the right reasons. 

Calling out social media liars

From fake bums and impossible thigh gaps to faking flawless skin, here's how to call bluff on deceitful #NoFilter users.

Wanted: A girlfriend (with a room)

The flatting situation in Queenstown is so shocking, you have to think outside of the box to get a place.

When working out isn't paying off

Hitting the gym hard but your weight keeps fluctuating? Don't quit - it means the work is just beginning.

The week in celebrity Instagrams

Anne Hathaway's a blonde bombshell, Solange is at Mardi Gras kit and Beyonce's relaxing.

A pav to have a love affair with

This unapologetically sweet and indulgent dessert is the perfect Valentines treat (even for one, no judgement).

Wine festival turns it on

Perfect weather, wine and food delighted thousands at the 32nd annual Marlborough Wine and Food Festival.

Hop shortage causing a headache

Secret to perfect poached eggs

Host tells actress she has 'ugly feet'

TV presenter puts her foot in it by quizzing Penelope Cruz on her tootsies in awkward interview.

Rihanna's designs hit the runway

Black and white designs with "Gothic undertones" feature in the singer's debut collection with Puma at NYFW.

How to dress your decolletage

Outrage over 10-year-old model

Fashion in the Vines

Was this the best dressed festival crowd yet?

Fit and useful at 65

The Land Cruiser has reached pension age but remains an off-road-oriented trad-SUV that deserves to survive.

Hot V8 summer fun

Lexus continues its NZ summer of performance in adding another powerful sports model to its ever-growing fleet.

Dad's Army van back on the road

Jaguar XF lights up luxury segment

Will garages become gold dust?

On-street parking could become a big headache for homeowners if electric vehicles take off.

Richard Dawkins suffers stroke, cancels tour

The celebrity biologist and atheist suffered a minor stroke, forcing him to cancel his trip to New Zealand.

Potter 'biggest book of 2016'

The eighth Harry Potter book won't be available for months, but fans are already in a frenzy.

Harry Potter returns for 8th book

Hannah August: Best books I never wrote

Spider-Man nets huge return

It cost 12 cents on the day it was sold, now it's worth 345,000 times that.

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stimes pan military history

150 years of history

2010 marks 150 years since the formation of the first militia units in Southland and Otago.

Southland Times

Anzacs and beyond

We remember those who have served their country

Southland's 100-year Floods: 25 Years Later

A Flood of Memories

Take a look back at the devastating 1984 floods in the south