Life & Style

What Dad wants for Father's Day

He'd love these 12 things - but would never say it. And it's not what you would think.

'It's not easy being different'

Harnaam Kaur is a model, and she also has a beard. She wants more diversity in fashion.

The richest model in the world revealed

Gisele Bundchen, Karlie Kloss and Kendall Jenner all made the cut - but comes out tops?

Upside of 1 pair of shoes for 1 year

The lessons I learned from wearing the same pair of shoes for a year.

'Surprise, you are pregnant'

It's not every day a man gets to tell his wife she is expecting – especially after he's had a vasectomy.

You're cutting pizza wrong

Researchers have come up with a clever new way to divvy up those slices fairly.

Could this coffee kill you?

It's called "The Asskicker" - and it contains 80 times the usual amount of caffeine.

Blogger slams quirky food servings

Last-chance burgers in Welly

Best & worst: VMAs

Beyonce looks like an angel from heaven and Nicki Minaj is glowing, but it's not all good.

'Distressed' sneakers for $800

They're covered in duct tape and look about eight years old, but they're fashion, apparently.

Modelling in her 50s

Winning garment inspired by Inuit

Brighten up with Colour Day

Have fun with Hutt Valley Colour Day.

Drive test flunkers

One crucial factor could stand between passing or failing NZ's restricted driving test: where you live.

Weird fuels that power cars

Fancy driving to work in a vehicle running on these strange alternative fuels?

A living room on wheels

Why sedan still beats SUV

Tweed need ahead of speed

Gents taking to the road for a trip that rates style of speed.

Hotel that inspired The Shining

The isolation and eeriness of The Stanley Hotel inspired Stephen King to write a certain novel in 1974.

50,000 books, three days

Some people show up with lists of out-of-print pieces they want to find.

How a mum carries on after daughter's death

Third win for Paul Cleave

A festival to bring the world to the west

The Going West Books & Writers Festival 2016 is launching on September 1

Quiz battle: Money, money, money

Does having money mean you know more about it? Only you can tell.

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