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Women who have a lot of sex

Marrie Lobel

It's time to expose reality by shattering outdated perceptions of women who enjoy an active sex life.

Shopping for charity

Katie Kenny - © Fairfax NZ News

Women's Refuge open their first Yellow Belle - a recycled designer clothing store.

Oz Tour: What Kate's Wearing


The Aussie sunshine's bringing out fresher fashions from the stylish duchess.

Lupita crowned most beautiful

She's trumped the likes of J-Law and Amber Heard to be named People Mag's Most Beautiful Person.

Dress-stress averted

SALLY KIDSON - © Fairfax NZ News

Thanks to the kindness of strangers in Nelson, this bride managed to salvage her wedding day.

The world's best pizza is made in...

Pizza The world's best margherita pizza is made not by an Italian chef, but by an Australian pizzaiolo.

Biscuits had no nutritional value

Life in the trenches was no fun, and wasn't made any better by the Anzac biscuits we know and love.

Leek, spinach & ricotta cannelloni

The perfect hard boiled egg

She's not good at everything

gisele We thought Gisele Bundchen was superhuman but, well, she can't sing ...

Stuff's daily street style: April

Check out your daily dose of real Kiwi fashion, courtesy of our street style snappers.

Jewellers feel 'Kate effect'

The week's best & worst dressed

Who wears the pants? Lorde does

'Jackets and pants are my power clothes,' says the singer as she stars on the cover of a fashion glossy.

Car yard hit again

Rose City Cars salesman Bevan Parker Staff "absolutely gutted" at brazen theft of sought-after vehicles from car dealership.

Driver pass rates drop

More than half of young drivers are failing the new driver licence tests.

Ken Block unveils 'Foothkana'

Mechanics in post-quake boom

Holidays cut commute

Rejoice Auckland commuters - you are enjoying your fastest travel times for years thanks to Easter school holidays.

Literary find of the century?

William Shakespeare New York antiquarian booksellers believe they have found William Shakespeare's annotated dictionary.

What our kids are reading

A survey of Kiwi children's reading habits has uncovered some intriguing results.

Do you know Kiwi kids books?

Fast and furious

'New' Garcia Marquez book

Novelist Gabriel Garcia Marquez left behind a manuscript that he chose not to print while he was alive.

Daily trivia quiz: April 23

Takahe Are you a trivia whiz? Test your knowledge on our daily quiz.

Sports Quiz - April 22

Sports Quiz - April 22

Daily trivia quiz: April 22

Daily trivia quiz: April 21

Daily trivia quiz: April 24

Are you a trivia whiz? Test your knowledge on our daily quiz.

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