Life & Style

Here comes Santa Paws

Forget the kids. What are you doing for your dog this Christmas?

Try these beauty pick-me-ups

Party season making you feel exhausted? Here are five easy ways to look perky even if you're feeling pooped.

Dogs get moves like wagger

At last, a dance class where two left feet is the norm!

Pimples? Don't panic

When it comes to pimples, a little violence is sometimes called for.

The only fashion tip you need

Leading fashion writer Katie Newton's top fashion tip is one she likes to share every year.

In the blending room

He had a once-in-a-lifetime chance to create his own whisky. What did he come up with?

Brewers tap careful drinkers

Even before Simon Nicholas finished the first batch of his lower alcohol craft beer, it had "pretty much" sold out.

Perfecting the summer salad

Single malt or a blend?

20 epic style moments in 2014

From Angelina Jolie's wedding dress to Amal Clooney, these are 20 jaw-dropping style moments of 2014.

The week's best & worst dressed

Rita Ora wears a full-body scrunchie, pubic pom poms are a thing and Kim K wraps herself in mesh.

10 most popular fashion stories

Bacon headbands actually exist

Santa dressed in high-end garb

Joint London have upgraded Santa with new threads from high-end designers like Alexander Wang and Kenzo.

Inside the world of stunt motocross riders

Their tricks are amazing, but the risks are huge: inside the minds of our champion stunt motocross riders.

Texas plumber's truck in jihad

A Texas plumber has no idea how his old work truck ended up in the hands of Islamists in Syria.

Lamborghini 'Phwoar'

The fastest monster truck

Women behind the wheel

The once masculine trucking world is starting to attract more female drivers.

Bringing out the inner adult

Australian author John Marsden has sold 5 million copies of teen fiction and is making his first foray into adult literature.

JK Rowling regrets killing this character

In a new short essay published on the Pottermore website Rowling said she feels guilty about killing off this character.

When the word was silence

Once had me

What to read this summer

Feminists are good at reading, having learned to embrace it in place of all the boys who never asked us out on dates.

Daily trivia quiz: December 21

Are you a trivia whiz? Test your knowledge on our daily quiz.

Afternoon trivia quiz: December 20

Are you a trivia whiz? Test your knowledge on our daily quiz.

Daily trivia quiz: December 20

Afternoon trivia quiz: December 19

Afternoon trivia quiz: December 21

Are you a trivia whiz? Test your knowledge on our daily quiz.

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