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'Never had a moment like this'

The autistic youngster struggled to make friends: "Any friend. Any kind of connection." Tornado the dog changed everything.

Wedding dress on Tinder dates

What's worse than repeatedly mentioning your ex and saying I love you on the first date?

How not to break up with someone

Facebook Messenger and stickers? Absolutely not. That is never ok.

Happiest baby in the world

Freya weighed just 1.7kg when she was born but has given parents of premature babies hope.

Infidelity: naughty but necessary?

Infidelity has become big business. But can marriage survive one partner’s urge to “feel alive again”?

World's most expensive chip?

Flavoured with rare and luxurious ingredients, five chips will set you back $78.

Vegan brisket riles meat eaters

If you make broccoli look like bacon, it's not bacon: Restaurant faces backlash for new recipe.

Jamie Oliver: NZ restaurant 'will happen'

Foodie's fluke find saves lost prize

Michelle's best state dinner looks

One thing's for sure: we're going to miss the Obamas and Michelle's fashion sense.

Hillary Clinton shows her true colours

The "pantsuit aficionado" may be accused of many things but having an unpatriotic wardrobe cannot be one of them.

Best & worst dressed celebrities

Best & worst: the Housewives

Get the look: Off-white

This season we can't say no to off-white. It's the colour that goes with everything and is multi-seasonal.

Uber drivers pick up in new Mustangs

Uber passengers can be picked up in new Ford Mustangs and delivered to meet All Blacks today.

$1.4m car bought on phone app

A man has hit the "buy now" button on his phone to pay NZ$1.4m for a classic car in what is being touted as the largest known in-app purchase ever.

Hoonicorn to tackle Pikes Peak

Holiday traffic congestion eases

Abarth Spider has X-factor

Abarth's new roadster succeeds in offering a very different driving experience to the Mazda MX-5 on which it's based.

New Tolkien book excites fans

A love story between an Elvish maiden and a mortal man is to be published as a new JRR Tolkien book.

How To Dad set for book release

Jordan Watson was just giving a mate some advice. Now he's an internet sensation.

Lily Max returns with a snow and fashion adventure

Insightful account of war

Marvel pulls 'sexy' 15yo superhero

Marvel and Midtown Comics have pulled a comic book cover featuring a 15-year-old superhero after fan backlash.

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