Prince George: A year of firsts

21:32, Jul 22 2014
Prince George: A year of firsts
On meeting Tony Abbott - Who is this galah? Get him away, away I say.
Prince George: A year of firsts
Cootchi-cootchi coo! Dads. Embarrassing since ages ago.
Prince George: A year of firsts
The world meets Prince George. He sleeps through it.
Prince George: A year of firsts
Prince George with the firm.
Prince George: A year of firsts
This first family snap was taken by Kate's dad, in the backyard. As you do. George, predictably, still asleep.
Prince George: A year of firsts
A few months on and we get to clap eyes on those cheeks for the first time. (And is it just us, or does he look like he wants to chew on that dog? Lupo definitely looks worried.)
Prince George: A year of firsts
The royals arrive in New Zealand and Georgie is immediately unimpressed with Wellington's weather. Meet Mr Grumpy.
Prince George: A year of firsts
It rocks when you're the star attraction and you get to play with all the best toys.
Prince George: A year of firsts
But just to keep the subjects in line, the regal grump comes back.
Prince George: A year of firsts
Ooooh gimme, gimme.
Prince George: A year of firsts
"He did what with it? One is soz about that."
Prince George: A year of firsts
George causes a collective heart in mouth moment as he tries to take a lunge in the cage with a real bilby. Yeah, we don't know what it is either.
Prince George: A year of firsts
Ever fashion forward, George shows the versatility of the simple dungaree. Make it work, little dude.

The world's favourite chubby-cheeked prince is turning one. In honour of the littlest prince's birthday, we review the top 10 moments in the first year of his life.

1. A prince is born
His Royal Highness Prince George Alexander Louis of Cambridge entered the world on July 22, 2013 at St Mary's Hospital in Paddington, London. In his first public appearance on the steps of the hospital in the arms of Mum and Dad Catherine and William, the day-old prince showed he was born to rule, waggling his little fingers at his adoring subjects.

2. The royal christening
The future monarch was christened at 3 months old, donning a replica of a royal christening robe made in 1841 for Queen Victoria's eldest daughter. The ceremony was held at the Chapel Royal in St James' palace in London, and the world was able to get another glimpse of the bonny lad in his official christening portraits. The photos, taken by celebrity photographer Jason Bell, were praised for showing a softer side of the royal family.

3. Family album
The world lets out a happy sigh whenever the Cambridges release a new family photo. The first was a picture taken by Catherine's dad Michael in the garden of the Middleton family home in early August. In March, the family were again snapped by Jason Bell, in an official portrait that showed the trio looking out a window in Kensington Palace. In it, George is wearing a jumper with his name on it, gazing into the eyes of the family cocker-spaniel, Lupo.

4. Grumpy face
In April, New Zealand had the honour of being the destination of the young prince's first overseas trip on an action-packed 10-day tour. George's arrival was the first time he was seen in public since the day after his birth, and when he was carried out of the plane on a cold, blustery Wellington day, his face curled into a pout that blatantly said, "one is not amused".

5. First playdate
It was one of the most highly anticipated moments of the royal tour, and George did not disappoint. Plunket had organised a playdate with 10 Kiwi babies the same age as the prince, to be held at Government House in Wellington. The world watched in delight as George, dressed in his navy blue dungarees, took charge, commandeering toys. But he also showed he was a mummy's boy at heart, clinging close to Kate.


6. Favourite toy
As George's birthday approaches, he is sure to be expecting a haul of presents. But they'll be adding to an already impressive collection. While Down Under, the prince received everything from a bike, to a vintage flying helmet, to a boat. His clear favourite gift, however, was a giant cuddly wombat presented to him by the Australian governor-general. The prince gave a rare grin as he clutched at it, and dad William said later that George had taken to "chewing it lovingly".

7. Trip to the zoo
On a visit to Sydney's Taronga Zoo, Prince George once again revealed he is a big fan of Australian marsupials. The nuggety prince was on hand to open a bilby exhibit named after him, and appeared delighted by the animals, peering curiously into their pen. When handed a toy bilby of his own, however, George was having none of it, casting the stuffed animal aside - much to the embarrassment of his parents.

8. No Tony Abbott fan
It was a moment that was pounced upon with glee by Australian media. Before the royal family walked up the steps of the plane to leave Australia, they stopped to shake the hands of dignitaries, including Prime Minister Tony Abbott. But when Abbott went in to shake George's hand, the prince determinedly turned his head away in a royal snub, and revealed his best grumpy face yet.

9. First steps
A month ahead of his birthday, Prince George revealed his latest milestone: he had learned to walk. At a charity polo match his dad was playing in, George stole the show, totting along with the help of his mother, and even attempting to kick a soccer ball at one point. It was the first time he had been seen in public since the royal tour.

10. Stylish George
It's been a busy year for Prince George, but one title he has won effortlessly is that of Fashion King. During the royal tour, every time the baby prince appeared in a new outfit, items he wore immediately sold out in the shops. To cement his sartorial status, he will next month become possibly the youngest model to grace the cover of fashion magazine Vanity Fair in honour of his birthday.