Sunday loves: Fragrances

17:00, Jul 26 2014
malone stand
Jo Malone London Rain in Rain & Angelica.

Elizabeth Arden Green Tea Yuzu Eau de Toilette spray, 50ml, $52

Green Tea Yuzu is the newest addition to the iconic Arden Green Tea family of fragrances. Yuzu has been used for thousands of years in traditional bathing rituals in east Asia and is known for captivating its wearer through bright notes of yuzu zest, sheer bergamot and sparkling lemon.

Victor & Rolf BonBon, 50ml, $179

BonBon is a delicious new fragrance created with the intent to fuel desire through its scent that is said to be so irresistible that one would deem it edible.

Caramel notes underpin this divine fragrance and peach, jasmine and orange blossom top it off.

Jo Malone London Rain in Rain & Angelica, 100ml, $215

This fragrance is part of a limited-edition collection designed to capture the different moods of London’s rain, from the soft sparkle of a morning shower to a wild evening rainstorm. Rain & Angelica is a revitalizing scent, containing herbaceous angelica and juicy lime to give it a fresh, earthy aroma.


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