29 cute pets and their cuddle buddies

21:21, Jul 24 2014

Every pet seems to have a favourite thing - a precious, a fetish, a treasure. If you're lucky, your pet's cherished object will be something sturdy and cheap, like a ball. If you're unlucky, your pet will form an attachment to something quite unfitting to both its species and your budget, such as a shoe.

But once the choice is made, it's made. A pet and its favourite thing will never be separated.

That inseperable bond is the subject of today's photo collection. Here are some pets surrounded by, or surrounding, their favourite things - or at least their favourite thing for now.

How could you not want to cuddle with Big Ted? He seems so, well, open to it. And Teabag is more than happy to accept the invitation.

Dexter is fond of his bow-tied companion. 


A Chihuahua doesn't get many chances to be the big spoon in a spooning relationship, so Apple is keen to take the opportunity. 

Ava's favourite thing is the toy lion. At least, I'm presuming it's not the MP3 player; those earphones are poorly designed for a cat's ears but on the other hand they're perfectly suited to regrettable games of chase-and-tangle. 

Indie has a range of friends from which to choose, and chew. 

Bosley's toy is a sleeping aid. 

Kila looks afer her most prized toy. You may remember Kila from her earlier Furry Friday appearances here and here.  

Zoe has formed a special attachment to her giraffe toy.  

Taylor enjoys sweet, innocent puppy dreams. (Taylor is the stunning offspring of a chocolate Labrador and a Miniature Schnauzer.) 

The true nature of Mac's previous favourite toy is lost to history. 

Some pets have a thing for human footwear. Clyde uses them as pillows. 

Ginge can handle two jandals. Sadly, Ginge hasn't been seen for the past three months, and, depite his tendency to take safaris for up to three weeks at a time, his owners suspect they won't see him again. Owner Liz says: "His aliases are Ginge-alicious and Gingleberry Man and My Luvverly Handsome Boy." Come home, Ginge.

Colin is another cat with a shoe fetish. And he seems to take it rather seriously. 

You want your jandal back. But do you want it as much as Freddie does? 

There's always a special relationship between a dog and, uh, whatever it's eating right now. Luca currently has eyes, nose, paws and mouth only for his carrot.

Kita the Kelpie is fully committed to a certain splendid bone. 

Sam's bone is even more magnificent. 

In lieu of a bone, a bone-shaped chew for Blaze. 

Like any charming hostess, Molly gives full attention to her current guest, who happens to be a catnip plant. 

Tinkerbell seems to be protesting, "This is not what it looks like!" 

Dexter, do you like your scratching post? I think he does. 

Freddie has abducted a balloon and is on a mission to find some game to play with it. I predict it'll end badly. 

Macy dares you to take that ball and, if you dare, toss it firmly in that direction. But only if you dare. 

How about them All Blacks, Taiz? "Grmph." 

Taiz again, this time with a beachball and one of those balloon things. Not so great for chewing, are they Taiz? 

Solo is determined to wrestle the Swiss ball into submission. But there's a frustrating shortage of tails and ears to get hold of. 

Could this be the ideal dog toy? It's yummy, it's messy, and it keeps changing shape. Tiberius can't get enough of it. 

Rusty has taken a hostage and will enter negotiations for its release after giving it a thorough chew. 

Finally, Milo has taken control by taking the control. He looks determined; do you have the will to prevail? 

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