Turbo the chihuahua's new set of wheels

17:00, Jul 25 2014
HIS NEW RIDE: Turbo's makeshift wheelchair is made from parts of a helicopter toy.

Turbo the teensy, two-legged chihuahua has a new set of wheels thanks to some creative engineering.

Staff at the Downtown Veterinarian in Indiana built the disabled puppy a make-shift wheelchair using parts of a deconstructed toy helicopter and a toy welding kit.

Check out video footage and more photos of wee Turbo below or on his Instagram page.

Turbo came into the practice's care two weeks ago when a couple brought him in wrapped in a towel. Their chihuahua had given birth to a litter of pups, and Turbo was the only one with this particular genetic defect. They'd visited multiple veterinarians who said they couldn't help, and were beginning to lose hope.

Practice manager Amy Birk told Mashable that Dr. Kim Cline examined Turbo for other defects and determined that he was in good health. The couple left him in the care of Dr. Cline and staff member Ashley Looper, who has been overseeing his daily care.

After working with him to strengthen his back legs, the staff realised he'd need a cart to kickstart his mobility. Unfortunately, dogs who require carts cannot be fitted for them until six months of age.


Birk said they considered using matchbox cars or building a small skateboard before they settled on a helicopter toy from the practice's child play area. Two assistants used the base and wheels, and finished the small cart off with a children's welding kit.

"We just wanted him to be able to get used to the feeling of a cart," said Birk. "It allows him to get up and use his legs a few minutes a day in addition to his physical therapy. Using toys just seemed logical because he is so small and it had to be very light."

Turbo's toy cart may be temporary, but soon he'll have a new practice cart to work at. The staff enlisted a local towing company, Zore's Towing, to fabricate a new practice cart that will hold up until Turbo is big enough for a permanent one.

Follow Turbo's Instagram account for adorable updates on his mobility developments.

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