Annah Stretton selected to show in London

05:44, Aug 01 2014
Annah Stretton
PUTTING ON A SHOW: Annah Stretton, seen walking the runway during the finale of her New Zealand Fashion Week show last year, is one of five international designers to be selected to showcase at the London Fashion Week opening event.

Local fashion designer Annah Stretton has been selected as one of five international designers to showcase her collection at this year's London Fashion Weeks opening event - Splendours of the Commonwealth 2014.

At the September event, Stretton will be showcasing a 10 piece Avant Garde, bespoke bridal collection that exhibits an extreme colour palette of orange, purple and turquoise.

"What a wonderful opportunity to showcase the frocks that we love to create - considering so much of the business that we do daily is based around wedding's and occasion, this is the perfect forum and platform the get our Avant Garde juices flowing" says Stretton.

The event will take place at one of exclusive London hotel, The Mayfair, and proceeds will be donated to the Commonwealth Countries League Education fund (CCLEF), a secondary education sponsorship theme for girls. Stretton is donating a $2500 bridal frock.

The cause fits well with Stretton's own foundation that has launched RAW, a charity thats works with victims of domestic violence to help them move forward and into education through a mentor scheme.

"For me not only is it wonderful opportunity to showcase on a global platform, alongside a lot that is happening around London fashion week and the fashion eyes of the world will be on it, it is very much a cause that is connected with the work I intend to do going forward," she said.


Stretton refuses to shy away from being a part of a larger cause despite her commitment to the animal rights movement causing controversy last year when she was photographed posing with a bear skin.

"Would I do that again? No. Does that take away from my absolute passion to support the animal rights causes? No. People make errors of judgement. And that is all they are. It doesn't take away from the essence and heart that is the Annah Stretton brand. It is a moment in time," she said.

There was a large fall out on social media after the photo was published, and Stretton believes the response was disproportionate.

"[Social media] is a beast that has been created that allows some very positive and very negative things to happen. You just have to put that in perspective and roll with the punches," she said.

Stretton will be represented in London by her daughter Sam, as she prepares for New Zealand Fashion week.