Jojo heading for Sydney

20:48, Nov 04 2012
Jojo Ross
Former Southland designer Jojo Ross checks out the issue of Italian Vogue her designs appeared in before she heads to the Australian Graduates Fashion Week in Sydney this month.

Sydney is calling for former Southland fashion designer Jojo Ross.

The 23-year-old is on her way across the ditch to show her collection at the exclusive Australian Graduates Fashion Week this month.

She is one of 100 designers chosen to showcase designs at the event, which highlights the up-and-comers of the fashion business, and is in the running for the ''rather massive'' prize of $10,000 on offer.

Having missed the deadline for international shipping, she had only one option for getting her clothes to Australia: flying to Sydney herself, two weeks before the show, with her collection packed in her suitcase.

''I have to fly over twice to get it all in. It's so expensive but I just have to bite the bullet and just do it because these opportunities don't come around too often.''

The air travel cost her about $800.


To cover some of her fashion week expenses, Miss Ross turned to the internet for help, setting up a page on Pledgeme, a website for people to donate and receive rewards. She hoped to raise $1500.

''I've totally exhausted my friends on Facebook. It's so terrible - you hate asking people for things but it's just kind of got to that stage of desperation.''

As well as fund-raising, Ross had to freshen up her original garments for the show, which have spent months languishing in storage.

''I had to get my mum to ship my whole collection up in three big boxes.

''It's been packed down . . . since after ID Fashion Week. I opened the boxes and cried because it was such a mess.''

She would spend the next week repairing and, in some cases, revamping her collection so it was ready for the two-step delivery on Thursday, next week.

''It's quite stressful because I don't have any time. It's a big job. At least I'm in a better mind frame to do it now.''

Meanwhile, she had finally got her hands on the copy of the September issue of Italian Vogue, which had a feature on her.

Originally unaware of her Vogue appearance, it took her six weeks to confirm she was in the magazine and track down a copy.

It was exciting to see it for herself, she said.

''Of course, I knew it was going to be small, but they put heaps of photos in. It was quite amazing. My favourite designer in Australia is in the same magazine.''

Australian Graduates Fashion Week begins in Sydney on November 24.

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