Swimsuit contest attracts 20 entrants

21:53, Dec 19 2012
Miss Alexandra
Miss Alexandra Swimsuit Competition contestants for 2012: Nicole Charles, Yasmin Hemsley, Erica Pine, Shaun Robinson, Alesha Romano, Sarah Liley, Jenay Berg, Aleisha Blackley, Shannan McKelvey, Shanay Gladstone, Lilli McRae, Aimee Boyes, Gabrielle Butler, Lorey Anderson, Kirsty Sutherland and Rachel McMillan.

Style, confidence and a winning personality is what the judges of the 2012 Miss Alexandra Swimsuit Competition will be looking for when naming this year's competition titleholder.

Twenty gorgeous Central Otago women have signed up to strut their stuff for this year's event, being held on Saturday week at the Molyneux Aquatic Centre.

Event organiser Mel Bell, of Alexandra, said the event was revived last year to attract more people to the swimming pool after a hiatus of several decades.

There had been some initial critics of the event, who called it sexist and outdated, but it proved a raging success and even attracted the attention of One News.

"The event is judged on style, confidence and personality rather than looks.

"It's the whole idea of how does your style reflect your personality and being confident with who you are," she said.


Contestants were aged between 16 and 26 and had a wide range of occupations from students to mothers.

A Miss Photogenic section and a Miss People's Choice award would be given out as well as first, second and third placegetters.

Last year's winner Ashleigh Anderson, of Alexandra, met with this year's contestants earlier this month to give them advice about how to relax during the competition.

"I know it's very nerve-racking," Miss Anderson said.

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