Wiggles obsession really worrying

ROMP-BOMP-A-CHOMP! The original Wiggles bow out at the Entertainment Centre on Sunday afternoon before their reinvention with three new members.
ROMP-BOMP-A-CHOMP! The original Wiggles bow out at the Entertainment Centre on Sunday afternoon before their reinvention with three new members.

It's not hard to go from having a general interest in something to having a collection, writes Mark Hotton in And Baby Makes Four.

From there it's an easy step into having a full-blown obsession.

We're all guilty of this. You'll have seen the documentaries on people who collect owls or elephants, sporting memorabilia or salt and pepper shakers, and how they soon take over their lives.

My interest in buying a couple of cookbooks for some meal ideas suddenly spiralled into a collection of more than 80 at last count. It would be great if I could find the time to use them all or even some of them.

However, such is the life of a working father that I don't have time even to look at a cookbook or my golf clubs, but that's for another column.

Suz has a somewhat unhealthy interest in wallets and handbags.

How many does one woman need?

For a time it seemed that barely a month would pass without one or the other turning up, the old ones consigned to a Tardis-like space in the wardrobe.

At least it wasn't shoes - small miracles, huh?

But now neither of us can afford to feed our addictions.

Instead, the house is slowly being over run by paraphernalia from the Wiggles.

We swore this would never happen, or at least I did.

I was keen to buy non-branded toys, such as generic blocks and wooden things, so Zach could use his imagination while playing. Instead, we've got a gradual creep of all things in four colours.

I'm not quite sure when his interest in the Gang of Four turned into an obsession. Initially, it was a DVD that helped distract him. Then came the Wiggles toothbrush and toothpaste, which helped to get him to clean his teeth. Then came the well-meaning uncle with the plates and cutlery - they're great for getting him to eat food, but they're the only thing he'll now eat off.

And stand back if you try to give him cutlery that hasn't got Anthony, Murray, Sam and Jeff on it.

Piper, being only 7 weeks old, hasn't developed any interests, unless you count snuffling like a hedgehog and screeching like a peacock, but we do have an extreme amount of pink in the house.

When Christmas arrived, it seemed as though someone in our house had gone a little nuts, helping to fund the Wiggles' lifestyles well into the future.

I won't name names, but it wasn't me.

There was the Wiggles car with four bendable figurines, the Wiggles T-shirts, a Wiggles DVD (actually gratefully received to give us a break from the others), the Dorothy the Dinosaur soft toy, Wiggles puzzles and books and so on. You get the idea.

But this fixation does have some benefits. For instance, telling him his non-Wiggle blue sunhat is from Anthony (blue Wiggle) helps to ensure that he keeps it on while he's outside.

I guess there's a silver lining in every blue, red, yellow and purple cloud.

Mark Hotton is a journalist who is hoping that The Wiggles bring out a cookbook, so he can feed two addictions at one time.

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