Price joins her heroes

Dunedin singer Katie Price.
Dunedin singer Katie Price.

Dunedin country music singer Kylie Price has beaten the Australians in Australia, winning two prestigious awards in Tamworth.

She has won the Aristocrat award, and also was the overall winner at the Capital Country Music Association (CCMA) talent quest - awards singers like Keith Urban have won.

Price said the wins would help establish her in the country music scene.

As well as money, she won 10 hours of professional recording with the Aristocrat award. She plans to do the recording in June when she returns to Australia to attend a two-week workshop at the College of Country Music, also part of a prize.

"They [the country music college] get well-known country artists to come and tutor us and they teach us song writing and business management to prepare yourself for gigs," she said.

Winning the CCMA award gives her entry into the Trans-Tasman Entertainer of the Year.

"Only six Kiwis can enter that. You cannot go over; you have to win entry to the competition." The competition is held in the Norfolk Islands in May.

Kylie won the Golden Guitar Awards last year. Winning that also gave her entry to the trans-Tasman competition.

Competing in Australia was more challenging than New Zealand because she did not know the other competitors.

"At home we all know each other. When we are entering we know how they sing . . . us Kiwis don't know anyone from a bar of soap [in Australia] so it is pretty exciting to do well there so far from home," she said.

"People I look up to have won these competitions. They have all done things in Tamworth. It gives you a bit more hope that if those people have done it before, you have every opportunity - you just have to work hard," Kylie said.

Proud mum Dione Price said Kylie beat the Australians at the CCMA awards on Australia Day.

The atmosphere was electric as New Zealanders stood up in the crowd and did an impromptu haka when she was announced the winner.

"When Kylie was having her speech it was very emotional. Next minute I heard this stomping on the floor and they were doing the haka." Dione was fighting back tears and had butterflies in her stomach. After the awards the Topp Twins came up to Kylie and Dione and congratulated them.

Also at the awards was Dunedin boy Jayden Jesudhass. Green Island people helped fund his trip by supporting his busking at the Christmas market.

Jayden was a runner-up in the juvenile male vocalist section.

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