The modern man's grooming guide

02:14, Jan 30 2013
THE MAN IN THE MIRROR: Follow these 10 steps and you'll like what you see.

1. Halt the wrinkles and fight off premature ageing with active anti-ageing products. Nivea for Men Revitalising Cream Q10 ($17.95) will strengthen, hydrate and protect the skin from that icky environmental pollution that makes you look old. Use it morning and night; the sooner you start the better.

2. Ever wondered why your skin sometimes looks dull? It's because of dead skin cells hanging out on the surface of your face. Without a bit of a shove off and a heave ho, they'll pile up until you look like old man Withers. Exfoliate once or twice a week to keep the dry flakes at bay.

There are two kinds of exfoliators. The first is what they call mechanical - tiny granules that you physically rub on your skin to slough off the dead bits. The other is chemical and uses mild acids - often fruit-based - to eat away at dead skin cells and help them lift from your face. Whichever you choose is up to you, just pick the right one for your oily, dry, and sensitive or combination skin type. Options are, Natio for Men Purifying Face Scrub (manual), $16.50. Nimue Enzyme based Exfoliator (chemical), $64.

3. If grey hair isn't your thing but you don't want to fork out for the hairdressers, it's easy enough to do it at home with simple grey cover kits. Just for Men Hair Colourant, $15.95, will target only the grey hair by replacing it with subtle tones that match your own natural colour. The best thing is it only takes five minutes - that's the same as making a cuppa!

4. If you use a shaving brush, you might want to check if it's time for a replacement. Bristle brushes are great, but their constant dampness can be a breeding ground for bacteria - especially during the humidity of summer. Shaving with a rotten brush can give you nasty zits, so make sure you swap it out once in a while for a fresh one.

5. Treat yourself to a shaving cream without alcohol in it. Alcohol dries out the skin and can be hell for sensitive types. Read the ingredient list on your product if you're unsure. Lush Prince Shaving Cream, ($14.20) will soften stubborn stubble and calm and soothe the skin while shaving. It's also packed full of natural goodness like orange and tangerine essential oils, light shea and cocoa butter cream.


6. The last sign of a bloke's transition from boy to man is always evident by his choice of smellies. Ditch the cheap aerosol you've been using since fourth form and swap it out for scent-free roll-on deodorant. It'll still do the job, but will allow for your fancy cologne to do the smooth talking. Nivea Pure Invisible ($6.19) has minimal smell and won't leave white marks.

7. With most nail salons now offering men's treatments, there's no excuse to have unruly hands and feet. But if you can't quite stomach being groomed in public, then a home nail grooming kit is a must. Most department stores have a good range.

8. If you haven't already, it's time you built up your scent collection. Having one everyday cologne is fine, but it's nice to mix it up a bit for evenings and special occasions. Unless you want to lose your date, don't go overboard on the spritzing - a dot on your neck and one on your wrist is enough. For day: Clinique Happy ($70) is fresh and crisp with a touch of citrus. For night: Michael Kors for Men ($135) is an elegant woody oriental fragrance with bergamot, cardamom, pipe tobacco and thyme.

9. Wear sunscreen. It's one of the most simple yet vital ways to avoid premature ageing. Natio for Men SPF 30+ Face Moisturiser ($17.50), apply it every day, rain or shine, before you leave the house.

10. They're the windows to the soul, and they also look pretty old pretty quick if you don't look after them. I don't care how tough you are, that delicate skin around the eyes needs extra special care, and The Body Shop for Men Maca Root Eye Serum ($30.50) is just the stuff to help.

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