Mums back their birthing unit

01:11, Feb 07 2013

A group of Winton mums is keen to repay the great service that they received at the town's maternity centre by supporting the facility themselves.

Friends of Winton Maternity aim to raise funds and promote a positive message about Winton's birthing unit after enjoying a positive experience at the unit themselves.

Chairwoman Louise Robson said they were keen to provide financial and fundraising support for the unit to keep improving the facilities on offer.

"It's nice to give something back - for the future.

"We're a group of mothers who have enjoyed our time at the unit - it's a fantastic place that gives so much to the mums and we just want to give something back."

The group had already bought new curtains and blinds for the post-natal lounge but had their focus set on a much bigger goal, which included refurbishing the birthing rooms, providing each room with an ensuite and placing a birthing pool in one of the ensuites.

The project could cost between $50,000 and $100,000, but Mrs Robson said they were determined to succeed.

"We've taken on a pretty big challenge but we're all committed to making it work.

"The (Winton Maternity) trust is also very supportive of what we're doing."


The Southland Times