Masters of the universe

23:36, Feb 27 2013
Colin Mathura-Jeffree
Top Model judge Colin Mathura-Jeffree models a creation by Mickey Lin and Ra Thomson at iD Dunedin last year.

This year's iD Dunedin Fashion Week is serving up a delectable range of designers. The creators of the popular MisteR label, Mickey Lin and Ra Thomson, talk to Wilma McCorkindale about the collection they will show this year.

Christchurch designers Mickey Lin and Ra Thomson, superheroes of last year's New Zealand Fashion Week, are walking their own masters of the universe down the catwalk in Dunedin next month.

Their winter '13 collection under the new Dynamic Duo label appears at iD Dunedin Fashion Week's main catwalk show at the historic Dunedin Railway Station on March 15 and 16.

The pair got a standing ovation at last year's New Zealand Fashion Week for their up-mood catwalk debut in the wake of the Canterbury earthquakes. For the Dunedin show, they are hoping to blow the audience away, Ra says.

"We do get a good reaction from our stuff because we do tend to be quite bold at times but it's still very wearable. Hopefully also people will be inspired to wear it."

Inspiration for the range spawns from last year's masquerade-themed birthday party hosted by Top Model NZ judge Colin Mathura-Jeffree, Ra says.


"Everyone wore masks. Mickey and I made our own and we were kind of inspired by the masks we made. Everything in the range is named after some sort of superhero character."

Dynamic Duo features moody winter hues depicting evil elements, splashed with colours like emerald green and ruby red, in 100 per cent natural cottons, wools and silks and designs based on superhero characters. A newly created monogram print also features. Look out for the suit called The Riddler.

Lin has already played a part in this year's iD, judging final selections for the 2013 iD Emerging International Designers Award, to be staged March 14.

"Entries were really amazing, quite fantastic. These days they have so much more new technology to use, to create more different kinds of stuff."

The pair pretty much share all the work, though Mickey does the accounts. They share the creative processes.

The aim when beginning new designs is to come up with something exciting and different, increasingly difficult in a competitive market, Lin says.

"You have to think even more outside the square. Our idea really is we want people to wear our clothes and to enjoy them as much as they enjoy a good wine or a nice whisky, as a lifestyle - a lifestyle you enjoy every day."

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