A royal thank you

Windsor resident Wilma Queale with a royal thank you postcard.
Windsor resident Wilma Queale with a royal thank you postcard.

Collecting the mail delivered a bit of a shock to Windsor resident Wilma Queale after she pulled out a royal thank you note.

The postcard, personally addressed to Ms Queale, featured a photo of The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge with newborn son Prince George.

The note on the back of the card read: ''The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were most touched by the thoughtful gift you so kindly sent on the occasion of the birth of their son, Prince George.''

''Their Royal Highnesses have been overwhelmed by all the wonderful messages and gifts they have received and send you their warmest thanks and best wishes.''

Ms Queale, from a sheep-farming background, sent the Prince a lime, blue and white striped merino T-shirt which she had purchased from Farmers Trading Company in Invercargill.

''I think every young child should have a merino T-shirt ... I just hope their child will wear it.''

She also included a letter talking about her sheep-farming background, which was the reason she decided to send merino.

She also wrote about the name George, which had been in her family for five generations.

''I'm very happy with the name.''

She sent the package to the Middleton's home in Berkshire a couple of days after the prince was born and received the postcard on August 23.

It was not the first time she had sent a gift to the royal family.

Ms Queale and her late twin sister sent the Queen a birthday card when she turned 80 and received a response by letter.

''I knew if she was here she would have sent something (to George).''

Ms Queale, who has always taken an interest in the royal family, said Kate Middleton and Prince William and Prince George were a lovely, happy little family.

If the pair were to have a second child, she would send another merino, she said.

Ms Queale was pleased with the postcard and planned to frame it.

The Southland Times