10 trends you'll be wearing next winter

22:58, Sep 09 2013
10 New Zealand Fashion Week trends
BOMBERS: From left, NYNE, Andrea Moore, Cooper and Hailwood.
10 New Zealand Fashion Week trends
COATS: From left, Hailwood, COOP by Trelise Cooper, Andrea Moore and Zambesi.
10 New Zealand Fashion Week trends
EVOCATIVE PRINTS: From left, Sheryl May, Andrea Moore, Trelise Cooper and Salasai.
10 New Zealand Fashion Week trends
FUR: From left, Lela Jacobs, Andrea Moore and Hailwood.
10 New Zealand Fashion Week trends
FUR: Lela Jacobs.
10 New Zealand Fashion Week trends
HATS: From left, Company Of Strangers, NYNE and Twenty-seven names.
10 New Zealand Fashion Week trends
INTERESTING HEMLINES: Company Of Strangers, NYNE and Company Of Strangers.
10 New Zealand Fashion Week trends
PINK: From left, Andrea Moore, Company Of Strangers and COOP by Trelise Cooper.
10 New Zealand Fashion Week trends
PLAID: From left, COOP by Trelise Cooper, Trelise Cooper, Salasai and Stolen Girlfriends Club.
10 New Zealand Fashion Week trends
PUNK: From left, Stolen Girlfriends Club, Cooper and Stolen Girlfriends Club.
10 New Zealand Fashion Week trends
RED: From left, Stolen Girlfriends Club, Twenty-seven names and Zambesi.

Next winter? Give us a break, it's not even officially spring yet.

Valid point, but dozens of the best local fashion labels literally strutted their stuff at New Zealand Fashion Week last week, and in this digital, seasonless world you could soon find one of the key trends sneaking into a chain store near you!Get the jump on your fashion frenemies by consulting our trend guide gallery.

Here are the key trends for winter 2014...


Short sleeved bombers layered over knits; bombers in luxe fabrics; a wild stud-emblazoned one at Cooper by Trelise Cooper - high fashion definitely still loves this sportswear crossover.



This trend was signalled right from Fashion Week's first show by Twenty-seven names, and coats from virtually every other brand followed. Never have we seen such an array of styles, most of them splendid. Here's hoping these relatively expensive garments are reflective of an economic upturn.


Beautiful florals from Salasai and Sheryl May; swans from Andrea Moore, herons from Cooper. Feminine, delicate and somewhat haunting prints were everywhere.


For avant garde types, Lela Jacob's reversed, recycled furs were a moment of breathtaking beauty. For an easier to wear option Hailwood's furry zip front jacket, or Andrea Moore's possum fur 'harness', paired with an artfully coordinating knit dress will give you a classy edge.


From 'a hat offering that would make Sid or Stevie proud' at Stolen Girlfriends Club, to handmade felt bonnets at NYNE, from bowlers at Twenty-seven names to wide-brimmed numbers at Company of Strangers, hats made a loud statement throughout Fashion Week. If you're not already a 'titfer' wearer, better start figuring out what hat suits you - come next cold season, your wardrobe won't be complete without one.


Floaty fabrics lent themselves to hemline assymmetry at Company of Strangers and NYNE. Note the hosiery and footwear becomes very important - Company of Strangers took the opportunity to debut a new footwear collab with Bay of Plenty brand Chaos & Harmony.


Not a colour you'd necessarily expect to see for winter, but intense bright pink showed in several collections, mostly in statement dresses and coats as well as teamed with other rich shades.


Fave of the week was Stolen Girlfriends Club's reworked vintage tartan, but if you like your fashion more glam then you'll love COOP's plasticised, glittery plaid. This trend was also spotted at Salasai and Cooper.


Fashion Week attendees sensed the hand of punk queen Vivienne Westwood during the Cooper section of Trelise Cooper's show, and then immediately afterward at Stolen Girlfriends Club. Take the aforementioned plaid, and add a generous serving of body piercings (fake is ok), studs, fabulous removable thigh-high chaps, pirate sleeves and ripped jeans and you're set.


Nyne win the prize for the best red of the week - they layered it up richly in different textures of the same shade.  Zambesi's mostly dark show finished with a complete red section, and red (riding hood) coats from Andrea Moore and Twenty-seven names were definite stand-outs.