The best taxis in the world

19:16, Feb 09 2014

London's taxis have been voted the best in the world for the sixth year in a row in an annual global taxi survey.

The affable London cabbies, who go through a gruelling route test known as "The Knowledge" before they can get behind the wheel of a black cab, beat New York and Tokyo in the survey.

"The Knowledge" sometimes takes cabbies up to four years to pass and requires them to know at least 320 "basic" routes.

The survey, conducted by accommodation booking site, polled 2683 people in 30 countries.

London secured 22 per cent of the votes, New York 10 per cent and Tokyo 9 per cent.

London was the best in five of seven categories in the survey, including cleanliness, knowledge of the area, safety, friendliness and quality of driving.


New York and Bangkok taxis tied for value for money.

New York won out for availability and is expected to maintain this ranking for years because of the introduction of thousands of new green-coloured taxis.

In other findings, the survey found the most common activities in cabs around the world include texting or emailing (19 per cent), sleeping (15 per cent), eating (10 per cent) and kissing (9 per cent).

The global taxi survey also revealed the world's more obscure objects that travellers have admitted to leaving behind, which included: a wig and a bird in a cage left behind in a US cab; a prosthetic leg and an ex-boyfriend in Australia; a trombone in Finland; a Rubik's cube in Italy and dentures in Germany


1 London 22 per cent

2 New York 10 per cent

3 Tokyo 9 per cent

4 Berlin 5 per cent

5 Amsterdam 4 per cent

5 Madrid 4%

5 Mexico City 4%

8 Bangkok 3 per cent

8 Singapore 3 per cent

8 Bogota 3 per cent

8 Las Vegas 3 per cent

8 Vancouver 3 per cent

8 Mumbai 3 per cent

(% = number of votes received in survey)

Check out this infographic of the results.


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