Why you should 'juice'

19:51, Feb 05 2014
GET JUICY: Jason Vale thinks we should all replace one meal of the day with vitamin-packed juices.

He's the Jamie Oliver of the juicing world and otherwise known as the juice master.

Jason Vale, the well-known author, motivational speaker, lifestyle coach and and juicer, prefers to have his meals in a glass. Experiencing the benefits of juicing first-hand, his liquid journey saw him lose 25 kilograms and transform his life.

Jason believes a simple daily blend of fruits and vegetables allows the body to reboot, detoxify and provide you with fuel, liquid fuel. So if you think juicing is just a fad, Jason wants you to think again.

Step inside as Jason shares his tips on drinking your way to good health:

What are the juicing health benefits?

"Juicing allows the perfect liquid fuel to help you improve your general health. Beauty comes from within and once you start to hydrate your body with vegetable and fruit juices, everything shines. When you give up processed foods and replace just one meal a day with a freshly made juice, you have changed one third of your diet in one simple step. Your friends will notice the shine in your skin, hair, nails, eyes - the whole you."


How much juice should you drink per week?

"This depends on many factors, but I would say at least seven - one per day. The body needs daily nutrition and you cannot underestimate what a daily dose of live juice can do for your overall health."

Are there any ingredients you shouldn't use?

"No, they are all good in terms of health, but certain things are better left for soups. Leaks and garlic for example. Although they are really, really good for you, unless you're really suffering on the health front, don't juice garlic or leaks."

What are your favourite ingredients?

"I always take a couple of apples for juice volume, soluble fibre, and sweetness. I then add celery, spinach, kale, raw beetroot, cucumber, ginger, carrot and lime. This gives a wonderful spectrum of nutrition, plus it tastes stupidly lovely!"

What are your thoughts on juice over whole fruits?

"Freshly extracted juices are way more than the sugar contained within. They are full of essential phytochemicals, natural anti-inflammatories, soluble fibre, vitamins, minerals, enzymes and thousands of nutrients. You simply cannot call freshly extracted live juice, empty in any way. It is only the juice that feeds the body, fibre cannot penetrate through the intestinal wall, so your body is getting all of the available nutrients in the fruits and vegetables when you juice. In fact, it can be argued in juice form it is more bio-available to the cells."