'Fords burn better than Holdens'

Small children and big trucks came together at a school fundraiser near Blenheim.

Forty-seven trucks and about 4000 people gathered at Riverlands Roadhouse on State Highway 1 south of Blenheim for the Truck and Trade Show, a fundraiser for Riverlands School.

The blowing up of a Ford and a Holden car was a highlight of the programme. Members of the public bid for the rights to press the button and detonate the cars packed with explosives

"Tricky" Knight of Ascguard Vehicle Services who supplied the cars said, "we try to do something extreme".

His daughter Jessica Shewan, 11, said after the explosion, "Fords burn better than Holdens."

Fundraising chairman Grant Ingersoll of Master Driver Services Ltd said the day was not just about raising money but also promoting safety around trucks.

The main message was that trucks were big compared with people, took a long time to come to a stop, were hard to see around and truck drivers could not always see cars behind them, Ingersoll said.

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