Pick a style - any style

In the pink.
In the pink.
Soft shag.
Soft shag.
All class.
All class.
Blue mood.
Blue mood.
Short n sweet.
Short n sweet.
Blonde bomb.
Blonde bomb.

Short, sleek and pink are the dominant trends for hair if the 2014 L'Oreal Colour Trophy Awards are anything to go by.

Six of the eight finalists in the competition's Supreme Award category feature cropped styles, all but one of them defined by pastel colour.

Chosen from almost 300 entries, the eight are up for hairdressing's biggest prize - Hairdresser of the Year. They join 12 finalists in three other categories - Young Colourist, Salon of the Year and the Men's Image Award. The winners will be announced in Auckland on 22 February next year.

But are these looks for mortals or models? Do you need a picture-perfect face, magnificent hair or drawers and
drawers full of styling products to pull them off?

We asked Wendy Maxwell, L'Oreal Professionnel's education and development manager, for a few tips


Hair type: Fine to medium, a slight wave will make lighter work of the quiff.
Face shape: Heart shaped (a strong jawline helps), oval or slightly rounded. "An asymmetric style adds
length to the face," says Maxwell.
Maintenance factor: Be prepared to see a lot of your stylist; you'll need to see them every three to four weeks to keep this look in shape

Hair type: Fine to medium; if your hair is any thicker you will end up with too much bouff. If you do have thick hair, additional layers will help keep the shape under control.
Face shape: Heart shaped or oval. "A long face could also get away with it as the volume at the sides would beak up
the length of the face," says Maxwell.
Maintenance factor: This is no wash 'n' wear style - it needs a lot of product (volumiser, heat protectant, fixing spray)
to keep it in shape.


Hair type: There is a fine line between getting the right hair type for this style.  If your hair is too strong it will collapse.
If it's too fine it won't hold.
Face shape: Oval, slightly rounded or heart. The neck of a swan also helps.
Maintenance factor: Low - keep the shape by keeping it trimmed.
Top tools: A good blowdryer and a large round brush.
Fashionability: The colour work in this style demonstrates a new trend toward icy shades. "Icy cool browns (almost
bronze) topped off with icy blonde on the ends with a deepness at the roots and mid-lengths - an update take on
the balayage trend," says Maxwell.


Hair type: Dead straight and fine or medium.
Face shape: Oval - there's no hiding behind your hair with this look.
Maintenance factor: You are probably best to move in with a top stylist - you'll be needing them every two weeks.
Top tools: Fork out for a new dryer. An extremely good one with an ionic charge will be needed to stop hair getting overblown and voluminous.  

Face shape: Oval, slightly rounded and soft heart shapes. Long faces should steer clear because the style's lack of
width makes them look even longer.
Products required: Texturising dust for lift, mousse and a flexi fixing spray to hold the style in shape.
Fashionability: You'll be bang on trend; pastels are huge and this look is beautifully lightened out to the ends with deeper pastels at the roots.

Maintenance factor: High. A cut every four weeks and colour top-ups to keep regrowth in check.
Products required: Texturising dust, smoothing cream and a hair oil. Don't forget your colour care shampoo
and conditioner.
Fashionability: "This look is definitely here to stay," says Maxwell. "We're starting to see a lot more of it come
through in European spring/summer collections."

Check out the competition's Facebook page to see images of all of the finalists.

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