Best & worst dressed of the year

21:01, Dec 26 2013
Best & worst dressed: Emmys
THE BEST - ANNA GUNN, SEPTEMBER: Breaking Bad's Anna Gunn usually under-whelms on the RC, but not in this blush silk and black beaded assymetrical neckline Romona Keveza gown. It's dramatic and yet timeless; sculptural and yet fits her form perfectly - making her the best dressed at this year's Emmys.
Best & worst dressed: August 30
THE BEST - SANDRA BULLOCK, AUGUST: Sandra Bullock had a great fashion year, and this Venice look was her best. I love how she made this asymmetrical J. Mendel gown very her by adding bold black accessories (those Roger Vivier shoes are pretty amazing). Oh and, PS, can her and Clooney just get together already? Even just for a faux show-mance ... it would make me so happy.
The week's best & worst dressed
THE BEST - BLAKE LIVELY, SEPTEMBER: If you'd told me that a mustard yellow leather dress complete with teensy she's-only-human sweat patches would be on my best dressed of the year list, I'd have audibly baulked, but Ms Blake Lively looked straight up amazing in this Resort 2014 Gucci dress. It's like clothes were invented for her. I was also majorly in love with her deep, deep red lip and those copper Gucci sandals. Check Anna Wintour full on fan-girling!
Best & worst dressed: Sept 27
THE BEST - NATALIE PORTMAN, SEPTEMBER: Natalie Portman made this Dior Fall 2013 Couture gown look about a billion times better than it looked on the runway. <a href="" target="_blank">Am I right?</a> The spiky texture of the tri-colour gown made it just-interesting-enough, and I actually really love this out-of-character Cindy Crawford-style hair on the actress. You?
Best & worst dressed: Met Gala
THE BEST - UMA THURMAN, MAY: This is the best 43-year-old Uma Thurman has looked on the red carpet in a long time. The colour of the green Zac Posen creation works perfectly on her and the cut flatters her gorgeous curves. She did look like she was ready for the Oscars rather than the Met Gala though.
Oscars 2013 - Sally Field
THE BEST - NAOMI WATTS, FEBRUARY: The Oscars were a sartorial snooze-fest this year (considering the hype there is for that red carpet) but Naomi Watts' galactic Armani gown shone thanks to impeccable styling. She even worked poofy hair well. Pro.
Best & worst dressed: Sept 6
THE BEST - SCARLETT JOHANSSON, SEPTEMBER: This Versace gown proved that sometimes simple elegance wins the race ... by a country mile. I can't find a thing to change here - the fitted bodice flattered her form perfectly, the Bulgari necklace added wow factor and her beautifully simple hair and makeup were the perfect accompaniment. I didn't think a black dress would be one of the most memorable looks of the year, but this is definitely in my top five.
Best & worst dressed: July 19
THE BEST - HELEN MIRREN, JULY: This fashion moment confirmed something I've thought for a long time: Elie Saab is pretty much a genius when it comes to flattering the female form. I love the contrast of the coral and green, I love how the strong shoulders and clever draping truly flattered the 67-year-old's figure. I also love that she wore Perspex 'stripper heels' underneath the dress - because nobody can see them and it just proves she's got a great sense of humour (am also digging her hubby's lapels).
THE BEST - RIHANNA, FEBRUARY: Rihanna hit a six with this custom Azzedine Alaia dress at The Grammys. It fits perfectly and her make-up showcases just how beautiful she is. This is the best I've ever seen her look (every time I blink I picture her later-in-the-year all-mulleted-up and internally scream 'WHY!!!!').
Best and Worst Dressed 8 Feb
THE BEST - CHANDRA WILSON, FEBRUARY: We're used to seeing her storm around in scrubs as Dr Bailey, but Chandra Wilson looked beautiful in this Tadashi Shoji gown at the NAACP Image awards. The jersey fabric drapes beautifully, and this ice blue colour was a refreshing change from 2013's overload of jewel tones. Gorge.
Best & Worst Dressed: April 26
THE BEST - KATE HUDSON, APRIL: I love Lebanese designer Reem Acra's feminine gowns, and this chiffon dress Kate wore earlier in the year is no exception - I think seafoam may officially be Kate Hudson's colour. And to the right she made this Jenny Packham knee-length-tight-white-high-neck-cable-knit dress work (how bad does that sound on paper?): two brilliant outfits in one week.
Best & Worst Dressed Of The Week: May 24
THE BEST - HEATHER GRAHAM, MAY: How does she make wearing a full-on evening gown look so effortless and kind of rock'n'roll? Heather Graham's Hangover III prem-trail was a success. To the left she's working a hard-to-pull-off neckline in a Herve L Leroux bright green gown. And then, to the right, she's a touch goth but still full-glam in Max Azria Atelier. Perfect hair and makeup top off both looks.
Best & Worst Dressed: May 3
THE BEST - CROWN PRINCESS MARY, MAY: Crown Princess Mary of Denmark smashed it out of the park at the events surrounding the Dutch abdication, making her the best dressed royal of the year. On the left she's wearing a blush Birgit Hallstein gown with an embellished bodice, topping the look off with her wedding tiara (a princess that recycles pieces is my kind of royal). Then she sported the perfect amount of ruffles in a dress by Danish designer Jesper Hovring.
Best & Worst Dressed: March 29
THE WORST - KATIE PRICE, MARCH: Katie 'Jordan' Price wore a lot of gems to her photo-calls, but this had to be the worst - if only for the mental picture of an assistant helping her move around, those back legs flopping all over the place.
Best & worst fashion of the fest: Day seven
THE WORST TOEMAGEDDON-EDITION - JULIANNE MOORE, MAY: While the angle of the pinky is the most alarming thing here, I feel most sorry for the wee toes next to the pinkies - they're being swallowed by shoe! The wince-inducing sight of her toes aside, the skirt on this Dior dress looks like its crafted from flammable, very cheap polyester. Julianne Moore usually gets it so right, but she was the worst dressed at Cannes this year (because fashion should look comfortable, or at least not torturous).
Best & worst dressed: EMAs
THE WORST - MILEY CYRUS, NOVEMBER: If anyone deserves to be on here twice, it's the queen of 2013. I love what Miley Cyrus is saying in this bespoke number as her "Please Stop Violence" dress is relevant at a time when gun violence in the US is rampant ... BUT ... I can't help but feel like Tupac and Biggie's heads melting together look like an upside down bum on her bum: design flaw. Oh, and I also have an irrational fear of lace-up fronts on tops. Oh, yeah, and knee high boots with peep toes (these are Tom Ford). Good message, bad delivery.
Best & Worst Dressed: May 31
THE WORST - ELIZA DOOLITTLE, MAY: Apart from the obvious it's-a-freaking-satin-high-necked-too-tight-ripped-to-bits jumpsuit issues, how long must it have taken Eliza Doolittle to get into this ruddy thing? Her hand would have kept trying to escape mid-pull on: smart move tiny compadre.
Best & worst dressed: Sept 27
THE WORST - MILEY CYRUS, SEPTEMBER: Oh Miley. I kind of respect your cojones, but making a see-through mesh dress worn with nought else but a furry-armed shrug and PVC nipple discs look less than titillating maybe that's a sign you should dial it back until your skin currency re-stabilises. Another marker that it's time for some self-reflection is if the Kardashians are looking conservative next to you.
Best & Worst Dressed: April 12
THE WORST - PARKER POSEY, APRIL: Parks to her stylist: "I want breast pockets... like some sort of chest sling where I can pack some of the hor d'oeuvres for later." Stylist to Parker: "OMFG Parks, we're totes on the same page. I'm kind of seeing Game Of Thrones wench, but WAY less flattering".
Best & Worst Dressed: April 26
THE WORST - STEPHANIE SEYMOUR, APRIL: 44-year-old model Stephanie Seymour wore hot-off-the-runway Alexander McQueen. Thoughts? I thought that at no point should your outfit look like it could be alive (this works here in both a furry poodle sense, and in a cultivation-of-mold-on-a-cup-of-tea-in-a-grotty-student-flat way).
Best & Worst Dressed: March 8
THE WORST - KIM KARDASHIAN, MARCH: She gets her nips' out all the time, but I think this actually-covered-up clownish piece of tailoring was an annual low for Kim Kardashian. If the Armenian-media-mafia manages to become immortal and take over the world by 2420, this is exactly what those despots would wear (the rest of us will be punished by a lifetime of wearing only Kardashian Kollection ... 'ah the polyester ... it BURNS!'. )
Best & worst dressed: August 30
THE WORST - BROOKE BURKE, AUGUST: I read a story earlier this year about a poor chap who had such an issue with oversized scrotum that he needed some special trackies done up: that's all I can think of when I look at Brooke Burke here. PS: She was promoting Bobs, which are basically the ultimate rip-off of Toms. PPS: It's lucky Justin Bieber wasn't at the same event, as they totally would have had an 'Ooooh, snap, samesies!' moment.
Best & worst dressed: August 30
THE BAD - ERICA MENA, AUGUST: Love & Hip Hop NY star Erica Mena's triple cleavage was very masked bandit. A boob balaclava. That's next level.
Best & worst dressed of the week: July 5
THE WORST - ROSE MCGOWAN, JULY: Oh wow. Oh wow. Rose McGowan's face continues to slip away from us (seriously, Google what she used to look like). My colleague's reaction to this Viktor & Rolf gown was the best. I turned my computer screen around, and was like, check this out. Naturally, she thought I was referring to the face. And then I pointed to that little flap of cleavage. "Urgh, I thought that was her arm!"
Catching Fire LA
THE BEST - ELIZABETH BANKS, NOVEMBER: The bodice on this hot orange Versace dress may just be the most cleverly-pleated thing I've ever seen. It's so flattering I'm almost confused.
Best & worst dressed: Amfar at Cannes
THE BEST - ROSIE HUNTINGTON WHITELEY, MAY: Most of the supes' at Cannes Film Fest opted for lots of skin or out-there designs to get attention, but Rosie Huntington Whiteley went classic in Dior. This is hands down the best I've seen one of these-assymetrical strapless Dior dresses look, ever (and they've been EVERYWHERE).
Best & worst dressed: Sept 6
THE WORST - CLAUDIA WINKLEMAN, SEPTEMBER: The British TV presenter normally turns up to events looking a bit edgy, but still cool, but what the blazes went on here? It's very Tan Mom going as Ali Lohan to a fancy dress party. And normally I'm willing to forgive a slightly too-long hem, but this unintentional drop-crotch, red carpet dragging jumpsuit is just unacceptable. Also, I can sympathise with tipsy-while-in-taxi eyeliner issues, but this is drunk-while-in-a-truck-driven-by-Jenson-Button-around-an-F1-track makeup.
Best & worst dressed: Oct 4
THE BAD - BAMBI, OCTOBER: Bambi is a 'former 'Basketball Wives Of LA co-star' and has clearly come to the BET Awards as a half-peeled banana - 'psst, Bambs, it's Halloween at the END of the month'. Now ... logistics ... how is that material so pasted down on her lady lumps ... are they just using glue these days?

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