Homegrown veges best for health

00:07, Feb 12 2014

Relaxing in the garden is an excellent way to relieve day-to-day stress. Pottering around, mowing the lawns, watering the plants are great activities to take your mind off problems, letting it flow with nature.

During the holidays one of the many phone calls I received was from a retired farmer who told me that if it was not for his gardens he would go mad. (I feel the same way.)

He also told me of a neighbour with a young family that was struggling so he offered them one of his five gardens to grow some vegetables for themselves. They never took up the offer.

I have since wondered if it was because they have never gardened and did not want to look silly in front of him, an expert gardener.

Digging over land and making a garden is a daunting task and what results are achieved may be poor unless a lot of preparation goes into making a good vegetable bed. The simple and easy way is to grow in containers using purchased compost as the growing medium.

And raised gardens, using roofing iron, are excellent for growing lots of vegetables.


Grow as much as you can naturally and your health and the health of your children will be far better for it.

I recently turned 68 (just a baby as one 86 year old lady said to me on the phone today) and by taking care of my health and wellbeing I feel and am a lot healthier than I was eight odd years ago. I get up in the morning and feel really good, no niggly aches or pains or health issues. I put this down to being more careful about what I eat, preferring food from my container gardens.

If you want to look after your heart health then do some research on heart food.

I have a friend that loves hot chilli peppers and has done so all his life. He grows the hottest ones possible and eats them like candy. Now he is 86 years of age (looks more like 50) and has never had any heart disease. Unfortunately, I can't eat hot peppers but in capsules its not a problem as long as it's taken with other food.

Your health is your greatest asset and as Hippocrates said: Let Food be thy Medicine and let Medicine be thy Food. (Best out of your own home garden).

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