Five simple skincare tips

DRINKING DILEMMA: The way you drink can impact lines around your mouth.
DRINKING DILEMMA: The way you drink can impact lines around your mouth.

Some skincare tips are so simple, so obvious, it's almost impossible to believe they aren't part of everyday life.

We're not talking about the need to wear sunblock (although finding ways of better incorporating it into your routine could well be one of your better New Year's resolutions) or the rules about drinking lots of water.

We're talking those less predictable, but still skin-changing, bits of advice that have us looking younger and fresher - sometimes in minutes.

Here are five of our favourites to bolster your beauty knowledge in 2014.


Yep, drinking water has skin benefits but constantly pursing your lips around a bottle top or straw doesn't. Regular pursing exacerbates lines around the mouth that already exist and causes new ones.

Drink from a glass whenever possible, ditch the straws and, if you do need to use a bottle, practice the fine (but not necessary lady-like) art of squirting water into your mouth instead.


What's the elemental product commonly prescribed by specialists after a peel, laser treatment or facial surgery? A basic hydrator.

"The importance of moisturising the skin can't be emphasised enough," says Auckland cosmetic physician Teresa Cattin.

"Moisturisers play an extremely important role, allowing wounded skin to repair itself much more effectively."

Moisturiser, no matter how no-frills, alsoincreases the skin's mobility, helping to prevent wrinkles caused by creasing.

It also plumps the skin up, instantly making you look fresher. But while basics are fine in emergencies, for long-term anti-ageing protection, use a moisturiser loaded with ingredients to boost cell turnover and stimulate collagen.


Notice how some women have more prominent cords running down their necks?

It's possibly due to tensing the jaw during exercise. The benefits of pumping iron are indisputable but when the strain of lifting heavy weights starts to show in your face, it's time to reconsider your workout.

Exercise should give you a happy face, not a wrinkled one.


As cheesy as it sounds, sleeping like a pampered princess on a satin (or silk) pillowslip definitely helps minimise facial creasing. Your face slips around on satin rather than ending up pressed into the wrinkles common in a non-slip fabric like cotton. A smooth pillowcase is also gentler on your hair.


Wrinkle-erasers in pots do not exist. No cream, no matter the cost, can markedly tighten jowls, lift your eyelids or remove all the puffiness fromunder your eyes. What you can reasonably expect from well-formulated skincare is to look youthful for longer.

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