Say no to kids' menus!

20:58, Feb 13 2014
Kid Eating
GO OFF MENU: Teach your kids healthy food habits from the get-go.

Our new weekly food series takes an irreverent but informative look at crimes against food.

This week Ganesh Raj takes on the dreaded kids' menu (which is almost always made up of brown food only) ... 

Say 'NO!' to separate children's restaurant menus.

Ganesh Raj
SPEAKING UP: Our resident Crimes Against Food writer, Ganesh Raj.

That is unless you want to create fussy kids that will ruin your restaurant eating experience forever.

Somewhere along the way, chicken nuggets, macaroni, grilled cheese sandwiches, hot dogs, burgers, battered fish and fried chips began to feature on most children's menus at restaurants nationwide.

Most people know that these foods are high in calories, fat and salt. And they're not particularly tasty. So why give your kids food that is going to kill them, and tastes like cardboard?


It's brown/white/yellow food that leads to imbalanced eating habits for kids, and ones that are difficult to break in 

Now don't get me wrong. I love fried chicken. I also love burgers, and a good mac and cheese is awesome. But that's me, a grown-up, making a decision to sometimes eat these foods.

So why do parents choose to make this decision when eating out for their kids?

You know why? Because most parents are lazy. That's right. I said it. Kids only eat well if parents encourage them to. And the same can be said for kids eating poorly.

Most of the time, parents just want to give kids what they want instead of what they need. Giving them what they want means they stop whingeing and whining and parents can have that holy grail of parental experiences - the relaxing restaurant meal.

Most kids grow up in families where one, if not both, parents work. So going out as a family is like a holiday. A night out to be enjoyed, and not marred by a badly behaved child who wants to only eat nuggets. And when the rugrat is demanding a fizzy drink, fried chicken and chips, parents want the restaurant to have this on the menu.

And if the restaurant does not, they get angry.

They blame the restaurant for not supplying exactly what their kids want. Then they jump online and tell everyone how horrified they were when a particular restaurant did not serve the exact food that their child wanted.

What the hell???!!!

Ok. So some people need peace at restaurants and kids' menus facilitate that. I get it.

I just don't like it. Get a sitter for the night and serve those nuggets at home. 

You know it's not really chicken .... right?