This is almost hard to watch ...

01:03, Apr 11 2014

Sometimes, it's refreshing to see people who refuse to let their jobs define them. Just because you are an accountant by day doesn't mean you can't enjoy a spot of interpretive dancing by night. Or just because you are a writer doesn't mean you're no good with numbers. Maybe you are the only person in your friendship group/history who can split bills in restaurants without using a phone calculator! Who knows. 

So in a sense, San Francisco-based lawyers Bambo Obaro and Janice Jentz should be commended for shedding their lawyery image with this ambitious 'save the date' video for their forthcoming nuptials, made for their closest friends (and the benefit of the entire internet). 

Now before you're like, "What? Who DOES that?" Please watch the whole two minute clip before judging. I was so ready to hate until the murder-mystery music sounded,  Jentz started batting her eyelids to the staccato of heartbeats, and the mock movie trailer began rolling with the kind of 'This is going to be intense' set up normally reserved for reality shows like 'So you think you can dance'.  

In the 1.48 minute clip, you'll see Obaro stepping into a helicopter and taking a ride over the the lit up San Fran night sky. You'll be charmed and perplexed. You'll wonder why the couple is suddenly starring in a 90s Christina Aguilera music video set to The Great Gatsby score. And you'll ponder the artistic merits of the 5 second Bollywood dance scene inserted at the 1.05mark. 

But perhaps more than anything, you'll realise these guys are living out their dreams. They are EVERYTHING they've always wanted to be in those two brief minutes. And that, friends, is a wondrous thing.

- Daily Life