'Kate & Wills' back in Auckland

21:53, Apr 29 2014

Aucklanders were taken aback last week when they caught glimpses of Kate and Wills strolling through town.

Did the royal couple just love NZ so much they had to come back?

No, the dapper couple seen last Thursday was a pair of paid lookalikes who were in town to visit a couple of Peter Alexander stores (real royals get to visit grand buildings and sites like Uluru, royal lookalikes get to check out PJs. Stylish PJs, yes, but glorified underwear all the same). 

Many canny Aucklanders saw it as a chance to get that snap they had missed out on the week before ('just take it really blurry please, so you can only just make out who's in the shot'). 

The royal lookalikes Gabriella 'Kate' Douglas and Simon 'Will' Watkinson are part of Peter Alexander's fun new Mother's Day campaign. Shot by satirical photographer Alison Jackson, the campaign saw royal lookalikes - including a woman who's a dead ringer for the Queen - chilling at home in their PJs.

We wonder if your average Sunday in Buckingham Palace really is so chilled?